DanJones 7/5/2016 | 11:27:23 PM
Re: Clinton plan Haaaaaa! Very topical.
FbytF 7/5/2016 | 9:37:35 AM
Clinton plan As I recall, when Hillary was asked about wiping clean the hard drive from here private server, she asked, " wiped, you mean like with a rag?" So I'm certain she understands the complexity and implications of a long term communications plan.
DanJones 7/1/2016 | 4:01:16 PM
Re: Clinton tech proposals The dearth of info from the Trump Camp all told is frustrating. Maybe he thinks it's a side issue? Can be got to after the election?
danielcawrey 7/1/2016 | 1:19:45 PM
Re: Clinton tech proposals It's a little concerning Trump doesn't support net neutrality. Open access for the internet is important, perhaps Trump's experience woking in real estate has made him believe closed systems are somehow better. I'd have to disagree, that's for sure. 
inkstainedwretch 7/1/2016 | 12:37:27 AM
No shame... , wait a sec. No shame in picking highlights.

But now that I look at the headline, who's responsible for the non sequitar "Trump's thinking"?
DanJones 6/30/2016 | 9:37:48 PM
Re: Clinton tech proposals Indeed, [look behind the curtain here!] I agreed to take this on this morning, opened the full document and was like "woah, gonna need to focus on just a few issues here, or this could take a long while!"
inkstainedwretch 6/30/2016 | 7:59:34 PM
Clinton tech proposals Lots of interesting proposals here.

1) For foreign students, "staple" a green card to a STEM Ph.d or Masters degree, sidestepping the rightfully controversial H1-b visas.

2) Investing in R&D, which shouldn't be controversial, but is.

3) Encourage STEM education, expand the opportunities for learning computer science, and train more STEM teachers. Shouldn't be controversial, but will be.

4) Spending a total of $45B on programs for minorities and other disadvantaged groups to provide a pathway into the tech workforce. Shouldn't be controversial, but it will be.

5) Policies that make pole attachment and tech-infrastructure digs easier.

6) Encouraging public-private broadband ventures. Any municipal participation in broadband makes some people apoplectic.

But wait! There's more! Follow the link Dan provided!
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