kq4ym 7/11/2016 | 9:13:53 AM
Re: Huh? Nexus get Android updates first. Interesting how Google tries to get a bit more proprietary as time marches on. Maybe the plug in module idea might be a useful format for not only general use by very specialized needs as well?
mjgraves 6/27/2016 | 6:27:22 PM
Huh? Nexus get Android updates first. The Nexus series always get Android updates long before any other Android phones. This is one reason why I now stay with a Nexus model.

In fact, I went from a Nexus 4 to a One+ One. The experience was so bad that I went back to the much older Nexus 5. 

If Google is making their own phone that stands to be even better than a Nexus model. 

inkstainedwretch 6/27/2016 | 4:54:58 PM
Search Defeat? Possibly. I believe everything that Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon do over the next 5 years will all be in the service of creating their own AI-based personal assistants, the first two successful examples of which will have the potential to be the biggest drivers of ad sales in the history of the universe. 

And I feel fully confident there is no hyperbole involved in that statement because I believe in my heart that advanced life forms in other parts of the universe must be smart enough to develop societies  based on something other than ad sales. 

-- Brian Santo

DanJones 6/27/2016 | 4:43:34 PM
Admission of defeat? This seems like an admission of defeat, rather than something that other vendors should worry about, Nexus was supposed to be the pure Google phone.
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