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sowen557 6/24/2016 | 1:26:38 PM
Re: Economic jenga Britain can apply their own VAT and Corporate Tax rates better than those under a EU yoke. Celtic Tiger of the 90's was fueled by favourable corporate tax rates that (10 to 12.5%) 
Mitch Wagner 6/24/2016 | 1:03:19 PM
Re: Economic jenga With working people as the guy who ends up in the gorilla suit at the end of the movie. 
mendyk 6/24/2016 | 9:43:59 AM
Re: Economic jenga A bad day for the gamblers, all around. The market reaction over the past 24 hours feels a little like the movie Trading Places.
msilbey 6/24/2016 | 9:18:08 AM
Re: Economic jenga Don't worry, you can always flee to America, this bastion of tolerance and kindness to others, oh wait...
[email protected] 6/24/2016 | 6:14:18 AM
Economic jenga Europe was already struggling to keep up with Asia and N AMerica in many digital evolution respects - let's hope the UK's decision to "gain independence" (please, do laugh if you feel it's appropriate) does not start a procession of such decisions that results in a broader economic and cultural collapse.

Worrying times.
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