danielcawrey 6/25/2016 | 2:26:12 PM
Re: interesting case history This seems like a really divisive fight. It's one of the reasons why I believe that using open technology is really a smarter route to go. Software patents are something that's really hard to define in the existing legal system that was more for mechanical patents. 
chuckj 6/23/2016 | 11:15:23 PM
interesting case history I recall a few years back Syncor sued all of their competitors and was able to stop everyone from selling unregulated 12v supplies.  The rest of the suppliers immediately gave all of their customers a PCN for the design change and scared their customers to switch.  The customers who also buy from Synqor then called Synqor and complained and threatened Syqor that their action is not customer friendly and since Synqor did not budge, that caused a backlash against Synqor that haunts them to this day.  Arista should uses this strategy and tells facebook, google, etc, that forget it I cannot ship and it is all cisco's fault and they all will call Cisco and complain and if they don't budge that would be a PR disaster for Cisco because everyone buys from cisco as they did from Synqor back then. 
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