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st augustine fl 90 sunny 

The notes are very useful for someone listening to the archive.

Round Rock, TX Sunny and Warm

Matt ' lecture was very informative. tks

The idea of open stack and running the videoon top of it is cool.

yes, Multi tasking is challenging.

video and streaming seems to be main key for some company.

Thank you for excellent presentation!!!

@Matt Caulfield, The said web 3.0 not only for personal video, even using programs to draw data to recreate/ rewrite news and articles on top of video and pictures.

Thank you for a great presentation!

Thanks @Matt, great lecture, we enjoyed it! Thanks for answering our questions as well!

@Kelsey Ziser Thank you so much for hosting me! Pleasure speaking with everyone. Cheers!

@ccheng928 Yes media / entertainment / sports companies will still be important (either new ones like Netflix, or existing like Disney) but personal live video (periscope) and vods (youtube) are increasingly prevalent.

Thanks so much for the excellent lecture and slides today, @Matt! Listeners - next week is a "study week" so you have time to revisit your favorite courses. We'll pick back up with live courses on July 13!

Thanks for the conversation everyone!

Well, it keeps reminding that web 3.0 is to get video content provided by 3 parties instead of producing your own web video.

@n1ghthawk OpenFlow and SDN for uncompressed video is starting to take hold. The transition from SDI to IP has led to the creation of Cisco IP Fabric for Media.

Yes, video is key... I remember some pilots of Openflow for video, even back then

@danielcawrey Completely agreed.

@Matt Caulfield Awesome! I think it's going to be a slowly developing market, but one that could really impact video in terms of broadcasting live events!

Security + Video is multi-faceted. You have content security for which technologies like DRM come into play and then you have data center / platform security. Both are equally important. On the DRM front, nothing we are explicitly doing in OpenStack aside from exposing AES-NI capabilities to the VMs for encryption. For data center security, we're working very closely with Cisco's security team to fill gaps in IPS, IDS, firewall, etc. 

Security is always an issue.

Great question on ITU & OIPF w.r.t. OpenStack. The closest standards group to our current work has actually been ETSI NFVI. NFV / VNFs and video workloads have a ton in common.

@Matt Our listeners are often curious to know about security concerns - can you tell us a bit about security challenges and solutions for OpenStack?

@danielcawrey I'm really excited about VR. If uncompressed 4K is >10Gbps you can only imagine what a fully immersive experience would require as far as bandwidth goes. Our CTO team is focusing heavily on the technical implications of VR right now.

Thank you Matt and Kelsey for this very educational lecture !

@Matt Q: what is the level of collaboration shown by ITU & OIPF towards Openstack approach?

How will new technologies like 4K and virtual reality affect video in the next five years?

Thank you everyone! Great questions! Here now to answer a few more via chat.

Thank you for a very interesting presentation.

Thanks very much Matt,Kelsey for the Openstack Approach Presentation,Chat

Have a Great 4th of July!


Thank you! Very good! Have a great J4 Weekend!

@IT Help Desk - LR, the issue of no audio is like this. Irrespective of Chrome or Firefox the problem is there. On checking an archived course the audio works for the same browser instance. Seems a synchronisation issue with the 3 bands on the audio player keeps flickering and doesn't become 2 stationary bars (normal behaviour). Checked on a 1Mb connection as well as 30Mb broadband connection and no success! By chance this happens when the number of particpants are more than a threshold on your live webcast?

what is the level of collaboration shown by ITU & OIPF towards Openstack approach?

What Storage are you using behind that Cisco HCS architecture? NetApp ?

Is there anything in the broadband service provider that may work againist the open stack and we may aware of?

OpenStack as open source AWS – for some reason never thought of it like that!

Any cloud OS are in development stage...not fully developed

@Ashu001 also some nonprofits don't really care about costs because they get funding earmarked for particular expenditures that becomes use it or lose it.

Yes, Openstack needs some improvement

Can you please elaborate on the multicast for live TV vs stored video - particularly in the context of OpenStack?

@AShu001 certainly sounds like Ashish.

Audio won't restart after phone call interruption on mobile device, 8-(

Either my chat is out of order, or we have some latecomers here now. 

no dipusting the fact that Cost Savings is a big-big deal!!! I can only wonder what its like in Organizations were cost savings are not an improtant driver.

The Federal Govt for one readily comes to mind;But then they have access to the Printing press! LOL!! Something ordinary organizations lack...

@Ashu001 Is that an alias for Ashish? 

Good question regarding open standards.I doubt though thats the main driver behind Openstack adoption.If it was;you would see all Open source solutions succeeding in the marketplace.

With IOT, and IPV6 or IPV8 IPs probably,  any streaming can be acheived with 4K

Hi everyone! coming up on Q&A in just a few minutes. What questions do you have for Matt?

@Business-Video on Demand can definitely be improved by Openstack.I don't think thats the only solution.


Is it?

Listeners, what's the biggest benefit to your organization for using OpenStack for video delivery? Network agility, cost savings, open standards or vendor support? 

I see the cost response dominates here

cost savings always a major priority

Open standards imo, I don't speak for my entire org though

Open standard

Cost Saving

Network agility AND cost.

agility, cost saving, open std and vendor support

cost savings, network agility.

Open standard and cost saving

on demand vs streaming planning, any suggestions?  issues?

Coming up on another poll question in just a few minutes, what questions do you have for Matt?

Is the use case for Openstack more for VOD/Streaming? Or can it also be used for Live TV viewing as well?

@kfmungman-I dont think you need top of the Line equipment for this challenge.That would limit the Potential Number of Participants to very few.

i HOPE i AM not the Only guy here who feels Openstack still has room to deliver ?

usually does work on chrome

what's the best practices or test equipment to verify the performance and system infrastructure of your mentioned challenges?

Not yet,  our video content is on proprietory CDN

Openning up set-top boxes is a great idea.

Listeners, is your organization in the development or deployment stage of implementing virtualization for video delivery? 

yes under development stage and RFP

Not for video. We are Telepresence shop

development Q4 2016 roadmap

Studying the best method to deploy video.

Development and analysis

Yes but planning starge

no audio on both chrome n firefox browsers


Audio started and stopped correctly as I got onto and off of elevator, but now won't restart 13:10 EDT

@systems did you try a different browser?

The FCC is trying to open up set top boxes to companies that are not the primary video service provider. Do you think OpenStack enables this so that you could potentially have virtual set top boxes from any company?

80% of IP from video, 177M VOD subscribers... she quoted from Comcast Center

who is "curating" video aspect of openstack?

still no audio after refresh....and audio at max.... will watch later

Kanata Ontario, Canada Day nice cool parially cloudy

try suing a different brower. Firefox is loud and clear for me!

Audio is a little soft, try turning up the volume

still no audio on my side :(


no audio even after refresh

Coming up on Q&A in just a few minutes, get your questions in now!

Refreshed and I still don't have audio either


yes, there is no audio even after browser refreshing!

Cloudy and a bit humid in Center City Philadelphia, going to downpour later. Audio works!

@systems and @cresloga try refreshing your browser

Good audio, soft talker

Is the audio clear for anyone?

and turn up the volume :)

audio good on my side

try refreshing your browser!

can't hear the audio?


audio is low in volume.

Hello Nice and Sunny in Southern California

Hot and humid here in North Carolina!

Hi Everyone from Houston,TX...We are having a nice and sunny day!!! TGIF!!!


Hello from Bangalore, a pleasant evening!

nice cool day in Kansas City

Massachusetts. Going to rain.

Hello from Wake Forest NC.  Hot & Humid today with a chance of thuderstorms.

Boston, Partly Sunny,Breezy,Great Day!

piscataway - sunny and ready for thunderstorms


So. California - overcast this morning going up to about 80.  It is pretty nice.

Bethesda, Maryland 82 degree F Sunny


Key West.  BEAUTIFUL!!

São Paulo, Brasil

Zika free and warm


Good afternoon to all


Good to see everyone here!

oops emoji not showing up here
Kelsey, awesome job in making everyone feel welcome??

Hi everyone! Getting started in 5 minutes, slides are located in the link above the chat.

Greeting from sunny Whidbey Island Washington.

Can't wait to hear Matt speak about the Openstack Approach today :)

Welcome, @Matt, looking forward to your presentation!

Looking forward to a great discussion in just a few minutes. Have your questions ready!

Hi @litefocus and @mjackson! Hope everyone is having a great day! Go ahead and download the slides from the link above the chat.

Greetings & salutations all!

Listeners - the slides for this course are located in the link above the live chat in the "Special Educational Materials" section.

Welcome @jeng and @hnaidu!

Hi everyone! TGIF to you, too, @egoldman

and a long weekend in store for us.

TGIF everyone, looking forward.

Can't wait to attend this webinar !!

Looking forward to class on Friday and hearing from Matt.

Hi all! Glad to see you'll be joining us Friday; looking forward to hearing from Matt!

Looking forward to attend .. thx

Looking forward to this Friday's webinar!

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