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Do you see the licensed spectrum will be open to non-telco operator?

When Telcos started to move toward 5G, do you think the CAPEX will increase a lot initially?

No, I think cord cutting will happen only when there is a reliable replacement on the infrastructure.


Immediate gratification and personal service.

The Docsis 3.1 push and OWDM will help push us into 5G. The current Gen (4G) has been plagued with a "crowded pipe" due to the forward vs. reverse inbalance that exists on the residential products and services, becoing irrelvant. With the increase in traffic due to streaming gaming services (Twitch) and related services, we have to begin treating the return band with same diligence as we do the forward. Speed coming down the pipe is quickly becoming an irrelevant factor due to the requirment for more data being sent on the return than before. IOT technology and the sheer amount of connected devices has increased exponentially which, in my opinion, is one of the main drivers for network congestion. My second thought on the drive to 5G is to create better End User habits when it comes to data consumtion. Consumers see an increase in cost for services due to the resources being spent to compensate for the amount of bandwidth being consumed. How do we compensate for network congestion once 5G gives the End User access to more. We circle back around to the same issue, a crowded pipe.

Depends on the experience & bandwidth found in the wireless environment.

West Chester, PA Clear weather


VG info and presentation. thanks

how does compression effect mobile video

great topic thanks for archive

no, cables are a monopoly who could not care less about their customers.  Everyone is looking for any excuse to cord cut

convenience, peer influence....not thinking independently

Very very hot with the UpSkill U.

Yes - definite shift away from trend of core cutting

@video2ip I can't wait to get gigabit here at my house....over the summer between me working and my kids playing minecraft and watching video on their devices, my bandwidth slows to a crawl sometimes....

great presentation! thanks

At my company we did a 4G presentation yesterday over a 10 gig fiber feed looked awesome!

Kanata Ontario Canada

Very nice and cool

Wonderful presentation Asfaw!

@daniel -- I will have to look into Sling TV...if they do raise the price, I can't imagine it going up 10fold and perhaps they'll create different packages.

How will the new Satelite network apply to these technologies? Will we be using more of them?

i am learning a lot here. thanks. 

great presentation, Asfaw, thanks

Very thoughtful commentary!

@TeleWRTRLiz precisely! although I am worried about them eventually jacking up the price...

@Asfaw That's really interesting, thanks for explaining the difference! Thanks so much for presenting today!! Listeners - I'll see you back here on Friday at 1pm for Video: The OpenStack Approach with Cisco's Matt Caulfield. 

Thanks for a great lecture @Asfaw and @Kelsey! Looking forward to Friday's class!

Thanks for asnwering my question @Asfaw...appreciate it.

The Q about 4.5G and 5G. 4.5G is about spectrun efficiency and may be a little bite about SDN/NFV. 5G will require new air interface desing and SDN/NFV

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@daniel re SlingTV...that's what I mean. I am paying almost $200/month for cable and don't watch half the stuff that's on...I'd much rather pay $20/month especialy if I can stream from a device to my TV


Thanks @Asfaw! Another Q from a listener: i have heard a few times about 4.5 G...what is that and how will it help before we get to 5G?

Sling TV is available now on Apple TV

I think some of the operators are prepared for the next-Gen


Anybody here ever used Sling TV? It's an app that gives you a small package of television channels. I really like it and it's only $20 a month. 

@Asfaw: Q for Asfaw: Do you believe some current carriers will not be able to make the transition to 5G technology and be absorbed by others?

Thank you all for listning into the course


thanks. Very informative.

Thanks Kelsey and Asfaw. @ss8079 definitely ask the question to Asfaw now, he's going to join us on the chat

@Asfaw: Q for Asfaw: i have heard a few times about 4.5 G...what is that and how will it help before we get to 5G?

Revenue is the main factor for video and streaming.

Thanks for the presentation and good session.

latency was not covered in detail.

It was interesting concept.


Thanks Asfaw for an informative session!

Thanks Asfaw and Kelsey for this talk!

Thank you for organazing this speech.


Thank you Asfaw for all your insights and taking the time to share with us today


Thank you Asfaw for this very educational lecture !

Q for Asfaw: Do you believe some current carriers will not be able to make the transition to 5G technology and be absorbed by others?

The presentation slid covers all the speech.


IOT is in 2nd phase for 5G after mobile broadband. Tata communications in India is basically looking at LORA (non-cellular LPWAN) technology to provide IOT services as I understand.

Asfaw - thank you for sharing your insights with us.

Q for Asfaw: i have heard a few times about 4.5 G...what is that and how will it help before we get to 5G?

how will they address wireless vulnerability?

Thank you for a timely and an informative presentation.

Thanks, Asfaw N. Lot's of stuff.

Excellent questions everyone! Coming up on our Q&A

It's complicated.  Generational differences will be important.  So will pricing and content. Linear TV will remain important for some kinds of content. On the other hand, we're seeing a strong trend toward on-demand viewing of most kinds of entertainment content.  I don't see a future for traditional bundles, at least including high-cost sports networks. 

There's been a lot of talk about apps for video, third party developers that build an ecosystem like Apple. Is that possible for digital video?

We should be clear that 5G is not a prerequisite for SDN/NFV.

How does TCTS build talent pool for the new network era? how is your own network operations and transformation helping this?

I think cord cutting will continue, why pay for all content that I didn't watch

Yes, we will see a shift.

Q for Asfaw: Do you believe the service provider will be the ones providing the security solutions for the IoT boom based on the roll out of 5G or will that be left to the individual users?

No. over-the-top providers will likely keep their prices below that of cable providers to create a competitive advantage

Yes. Cord cutting is over-rated. What people want is a lower bill and lower number of channels. Switching more to IP delivery will help Service providers do that

No shift away from cord cutting. 

I would suggest service providers are moving up the value chain by increasingly providing original content across a number of video delivery platforms.


I think cord cutting will continue

No.  The cord is not going to be competitive.  why pay for a bunch of stuff I don't watch.

Cord cutting will continue but the bundles will be more inclusive.

Cord churn will be the norm

Yes, Wireless spectrum has limits.

No, it will be increase on both sides.

Yes - cut the cord! cable tv bundles are wayyy too expensive 

Until there is high speed pt-pt wireless connectivity - no time soon - homes still need a high speed Internet connection that will deliver OTT services, and the traditional telcos and cablecos that deliver this connection will still put forward worthwhile bundles to support that wired Internet connection (POTS, IPTV, Security, etc).


No - the cord cutting trend will continue

What is the adoption rate of network virtualisation/SDN in TATA's own production networks?

Video effects capacity and requires low latency.How do the existing Networks and new technologies like 5G mm wave technologies manage this ?

Your slide 16 mentions that there must be coordination among industry and other organizations to define a unified 5G network architecture. Do you then foresee future business partnerships or even mergers among industry players?

Q: Could we expect a new method of network intrusions such as Trojan horses via video?

5G would require more spectrum?

Q for Asfaw: How much smaller is the range of signal strength for 5G?

Convenience. Millenials have their mobile devices following them wherever they go and they want to be engaged without compromising the content.


All of the above but most have the capability to cast to the TV when a larger screen is needed/desired anyway using both devices simultaneously.


Poll question: it's what they are used to ... expectation is to be able to access content any time, anywhere.

When you can pay less than $20 per month for great video content on Netflix and such, I begin to wonder why I'm paying for cable TV still.

But I would say that Millennials use Casting (Google, Apple, etc.) a lot as well. They may access the content through the phone of tablet, but they may actually be viewing on a TV screen

Does slide 14 mean service in Subways too?

Anywhere, anytime and any content availability on any device.


Answer to poll question - Mobility. Young folks can't sit still long enough to watch stationary TV.

Convenience - easy accessibility and always ON and Cost - than a traditional TV bundle which is seen as costly


Q for Asfaw: Do you believe that 5G will be rolled out first for IoT applications prior to regular mobile video applications?

all of the above, plus whenever they want instead of certain period of time

Convenience and cost. As millenials age, and their financial situaion improves, I would suggest millenials with look to the quality of experience a large screen can provide versus the eye strain the small screen will induce as their eyes age....

Convenience, content and immediate gratification. I think millennials (and everyone else) really want to be "in the know" at all times.

They have there mobile everywhere.  Not always in from of TV.  

All the above, but immediate gratification seems to be the most important factor

Some vendors (e.g. AT&T) are already starting to implement Software Drfined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).  It is expected to be in production with 5G networks.

@teleWRTRliz - that was already supposed to happen as the Baby Boomers age, back before smart phones & home computers. I bet the need for eye doctors probably grew for genx too :)

Time schedule and immediate gratification

Attention span is down to 10seconds. Quantity over quality.

Q for Asfaw, is there any way for service provider to avoid just being the pipe for the content providers -- it seems that it's going that direction

Convenience - everything on one device/screen!


Inability to commit to time frames.


Who are the vendors Tata Comm is working with for setting up its SDN/NFV platforms

@Business I thought operators wanted more and more traffic to flow on their networks. The "Stop the usage" days are gone.


Slide 11: Why Issue 2 is speciic only to small cells, what about backhaul for pico/micro/macro cells?

If the video usage is being driven by Google (YouTube), Facebook, and Netflix, what do the operators get from this traffic? How would operators monetize this in order to pay for the investment to support?

what protocol is used in 5G?


What type of platform will 5 g be using?

@ashu @teleWRTIz - lots of lagging and buffering going on here. :) I need coffee!

I thought CDMA was discontinued?



@Gnean, good one. I also wonder if eye doctors and the sale of glasses and new frames is going to increase.... i just got back from the doc and my prescription keeps going up.

@gneagodov-What do you mean by changing world demographic? Is it that as the world becomes older,we use less services including Video?

Lets face the facts-North America,Europe,China,Japan,Korea

and Australia are alll ageing super-fast now.

Q: Quantity over quality. Will the price of the 50" 4K TV drop in price, given that people are using tiny screens to watch movies?

Q for Asfaw: Considering the skyrocketing growth, are service providers doing enough to be ready?

When do you believe a standard will be reached for 5G? AT&T is partnering with Nokia and Verizon is partnering with Korea Telecom on 5G trials and working toward a standard. How does the standard get set? Will there be different flavours of 5G?

10 fold by 2020....? is 5G going to be enough?

I am surprised the Global SIM card growth isn't much higher than this to accomodate IoT?

Would we need to wait for 5G to see more IoT deployment? 

Q: Will the mobile usage drop off given the changing world demographic?

demand for mobile video is only going to increase....my kids watch video only on their tablets now....or the stream from the tablets to the TV

@faryl-Me too! All fuzzy and sluggish today.LOL!

from what i gather only 20X from LTE-Advance of 1GB to 5G of 20GB


Latency is important on Video and streaming. I like he is mentioning the latency.


Q: Are these videos short clips, or movies and streaming video?

@Ashu I'm working from a pretty slow brain today :)

5G will deliver 100 times 4G speed?


Just heard the terrible news at Ataturk Airport in Turkey;Really sad to see what the world is coming to today.

@Tele-Thanks! means a lot and much-much appreciated! This is going to be a great session!!!

How much of an increase in pricing would customers see with 5G?

Love the first slide - seems like the "big-bang theory" in works! :-)

@vkhanna just audio and the slide deck

@Ashu you are excused and you won't get a tardy for today's class. ; )

It's 72 and "fair" here in San Diego :)

I first had to patch the machine so I wouldnt be vulnerable to multiple Threat vectors.LOL LOL!!!

beautiful in NJ after yesterday's rain

Hi Folks! I am logging in from a very old machineso please excuse me for being a little slow responding! LOL!!!

Is there a live video window with the presentation or just the .pdf file?


Q: Any plans on either governments or private companies to upgrade the network (lay down more cable, upgrade switches, etc.)?

Hi everyone! It's humid and hot there in North Carolina

Hello. It is drizilling 


lots of folks from all over! Welcome to the class all.

Hello from Louisiana!  Hot and Humid...90 degrees

hello from Bangalore, a rainy day!

Whidbey Island WA butiful day

Its awesome in bay area ..All the best Asfaw


Chennai is unusually cool!!!

Hello from Seattle, it's cloudy.


Minnesota.  Sunny and Cool.


Denver - Mostly Sunny 81 Degrees

Chicagoland! Sunny and clear...beautiful day here!

Listening in from British Columbia, Canada, where it is sunny and cool (67ºF/16ºC)

Buestiful and sunny NYC !

Colorado Springs. The weather is awesome.


Toronto Canada - lovely today!


@ Video2ip - regarding 8G in Japan....that sounds familiar


Good afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, press F5 to refresh your screen. There are slides for this presentation so be sure to download them from above. We are looking forward to the discussion, so be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards.

Looking forward to this session!

Bandwidth will be the choke point

About to start, go ahead and download the slides from the link above!

Do you believe carriers will charge more for 5G?


Looking forward to your thoughts and insights Asfaw


can 5G get her fast enough to save the day though @mjack? What will SPs do in the meanwhile if demand keeps going up up up?

Ft Myers Florida, Weather is perfect!!

Almost time...5G t the rescue!

Good morning from San Diego!

I hear they are testing 8G in Japan


Hi everyone looking forward to the class.


Hi everyone. Looking forward to today's class.

Welcome, Asfaw! Looking forward to your presentation!

Hi Kelsy

Thank you for organizing the course


Good day panelists!  I'm looking forward to learning many new things today.


Slides are in the link above the chat window, we'll get started shortly!

Hi everyone! Can't wait to hear Asfaw speak about Video today :) 

Hey @LAronowitz ! How's the weather in NY?

Hi @Mjackon, good to see you on the chat!

Next-Gen technology will take wireless phones, gaming and how we communiccate as a whole, to a new level.

@jayakd0. Thanks for the reply. You have a point about the perceived culture of constant travel. I don't know whether that is an actual part of the demographic, or a stereotype. 

Listener Poll Question 2: As Over-the-top service pricing starts to increase and cable providers offer new mobile video bundles, do you think we will see a shift away from the trend of cord cutting? 

My response: If cord cutting was driven by economy and competition, then I'd have to ask whether competition will allow unfettered price increases.

@JohnGordon: Millenials are always on the go, so can't hold onto the 80 inch monster :)


Let me get my answers to the poll questions now before I have to go.

Listener Poll Question 1: Why do you think more and more Millennials prefer to watch mobile video rather than on a traditional TV screen? Convenience, cost, content, immediate gratification, all of the above, or something else?

My response: I would guess part of the reason is peer pressure to show technological fluency.

Hi everyone - we'll be starting in about an hour! In the meantime, you can download the slide deck for today's presentation in the "Special Educational Materials" section above the live chat window.

Thank you, Kelsey. I may have to listen to the playback later to get the answer to that question, and to hear everyone else's questions.

@Ashish: Starts at 10.30PM IST (time in India), don't fall asleep, seems a big  spread (on video) is being lined up by LR team :)

QUESTION: Do you foresee the allocation of additional spectrum to support increased video usage over wireless networks?

Looking forward to the presentation and the start of this series. 

Looking forward to attend  ...

Wednesday, June 29, at 1:00 p.m. EDT should be Eastern Standard Time (EST).

what indian time will start the session of 5g ?

@girom Great question! All our courses are archived so you can listen to the recording any time after the live program airs. 

Does Light Reading provide access to the recorded session for those who are located on less friendly time zones?

Looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the class


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