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6/23/2016 | 12:43:51 PM
Sleight of hand
It's important to note that Dockers presentation of Orchestration is not without misrepresentations and molding of truths.

- There is no remote access API, you must ssh onto a swarm member to trigger service updates/deploys
- There is no consideration for vital secret storage of environment variable/configuration setting for containers
- There is no "Competative advantage" as stated by Messina, swarm mode operates IDENTICALLY to kube-up, the generic install method for Kubernetes available months ago.
- Using iptables/kernel routing without the concept of pods will lead to deployments using "stacks" or clusters of containers to perform very poorly over time, since a new route is created between related containers- vice with Kubernetes pods- having implicitly shared networking.

In all, the feature set for Orchestration/swarm is similar to Kubernetes from around V1.0 (which is 6+ months ago) and in some cases less. The real plus is having the same method for local and 'prod' deployments. I see this as a tool for very small startups and tiny tech firms of <10 people who have no regard for SLA or performance.
6/21/2016 | 1:35:46 PM
Interesting updates. I really like how Docker is bringing the technology some of the biggest companies are using to other enterprises. Companies like Google and Facebook are able to leverage extreme scale to deploy container technology. What's good is everyone learns from them, and everybody benefits. 

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