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steve q
steve q
6/21/2016 | 8:30:25 PM
Re: Lots of reasons to invest in FTTP....
How do you see Verizon plan of just doing 5g in Boston Ma and not using the FiOS as a way to provide those customers a better video and data service? Do you think it not a smart move to put everything into just the 5g basket, and hope those customers have a need for that form of service and the price of the data plan's? I think if Verizon does not provide something to Boston then will be looking for a new company to help the need for best service for those people.
6/21/2016 | 1:32:06 PM
logic of G.fast for backhaul?
yes, we can understand why operators like BT want to take the maximum juice out of their existing copper plants  serving millions of homes with G-fast. But unable to understand the logic of using G-fast for backhaul (or even fronthaul)  looking at the bandwidth requirements (and scaling) needed at the cell sites with 5G already on the horizon!
[email protected]
6/21/2016 | 1:00:17 PM
Lots of reasons to invest in FTTP....
There are lots of reasons for BT to invest in FTTP now.... deliveringa n affordable alternative to Ethernet access, preparing for %g... oh, and COMPETITION

It's a good investment.

Richard Jones at the ventura Group is convinced that the first company to take fiber to any premises will be the winner and I think he's right. Now BT has some other companies, most notable CityFibre, that are aiming to put in place the infrastructure that could enable a compmany that is NOT BT to take a fiber to a home or building - and that is not a battle that BT will want to be losing.

the economic argument for G.fast is compelling for sure but.... Selley is a smart guy - I can see him adhusting the mix of FTTP and copper in the next 5 years. 

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