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6/13/2016 | 10:50:42 AM
Re: It's an evolution
Seven -- Yes, but ultimately there is still a mass-market play. And as far as money goes, it likes aggregation (i.e., big piles) as opposed to nickels and dimes. If people want to spend inordinate amounts of time stalking content, that's fine (if more than a little depressing). But I would suggest that what's going on in the music realm -- streaming from services that offer huge vaults of aggregated content -- is the direction that video will eventually take.
6/13/2016 | 10:32:17 AM
Re: It's an evolution

I would strongly suggest you think of this as a generational problem.  Your answer describes that which those of us that have been around the block would give.  Those under 30 would give a completely different answer.  The number of viable Youtube channels is staggering (Patreon is a wonderful thing).  Many of these have somewhat outgrown Youtube.  I think that imagine not 1000 channels but 1000000 channels.

There is room in that for some basic packages (say the Comcast's Stream...and where the heck is that by the way).  After that, I see shows and channels that are dedicated to very narrow topics.


6/13/2016 | 9:31:53 AM
It's an evolution
I question the conclusion here. Ultimately, what the vast majority of subscribers want is a seamless a la carte service -- one that lets them pick and choose from the widest array of options through one portal. Video service providers (and content companies) have resisted this model for more than a decade now, but at some point they will have to adopt it. There's still a significant place for content aggregators. They just have to make the right adjustments.

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