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Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli,
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6/12/2016 | 12:41:12 AM
Good deal
This is a great deal for both companies. US Cellular is the biggest outside the "big 4," so it's alliance w/ Google can only mean good things for it to help it grow, and Google gets the benefits of working with a near-top cellular provider w/o dealing with its more direct and aggressive competitors (e.g., AT&T, Verizon, etc.).
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown,
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6/10/2016 | 10:37:00 AM
Re: NO downside.
Interesting comment. Care to elaborate on what you like about it? Any idea how often it switches access network?

I can see a few parts to it:

1. The ability to switch network where signal is poor. This is an obvious benefit. I wonder how effective it is in practice. Does it hit battery life?

2.The cost management part, the data rollovers, etc. This is important in the market, but not so much a concern for me personally as I get a pretty good deal already.

3. I guess also the "googley" nature of it attractive to some. Is ths basically a brand preference?

4. Have you ever had to call customer support?

User Rank: Light Sabre
6/10/2016 | 9:39:22 AM
NO downside.
As a ProFi guy there is no downside. A fantastic experience! The future is here and Google brought it.


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