msilbey 6/10/2016 | 10:36:12 AM
Re: Access network/facilities convergence Ray- who do you think has the most power/leverage in the real estate war? I'd love to see some kind of asset inventory across different regions. Also, it occurs to me that this is where creating close partnerships with cities will also become more and more important. 
jayakd0 6/10/2016 | 9:59:55 AM
Re: Access network/facilities convergence ...and NFV/MANO providing a great abstraction layer on top of these different access technologies. exciting times :)
[email protected] 6/10/2016 | 5:17:36 AM
Access network/facilities convergence SO many lines blurring in the network world... it'll be interesting to see what sort of hybrid, disaggregated headend/central office systems will be on offer in a few year's time.

I can envisage distributed metro facilities housing racks of serviers and pizza boxes that will be a combined data center + access aggregation point for teloc, cable and wireless/mobile access capabilities that deliver consumer and enterprise services, all sharing massive backhaul pipes.

Those real estate assets are going to become even more key to operators, IMHO. 
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