brooks7 6/10/2016 | 2:57:15 PM
Re: Totally agree with you  

Actually, I would argue that the CSPs are not in a better position.

Imagine a company with sites in 3 different countries with separate wireless and wireline carriers.  On top of that they have sites in data centers and on Amazon.

The number of carriers that are involved is essentailly off the charts and thus it is easier to provide the barriers at the edge of the enterprise.  That way there can be a uniformity of barrier independent of the carriers involved and their capability.


pdonegan67 6/9/2016 | 6:21:37 AM
Totally agree with you Totally agree with you, Ray. 

The Internet companies are highly, highly, motviated to drive further into the security services space since security is still the #1 barrier to adoption of cloud services.

CSPs can think they have a key advantage as Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) in terms of their unique touch points in the WAN and at the enterprise customer premises.

And let's be clear - they do.

But all it takes is for one or two CSPs to break ranks and bring those WAN and enterprise touch points to the table in a partnership with an Amazon, a Google or a Rackspace and that combination potentially trumps the pure CSP play.

There are certainly regulatory hurdles in the way of those partnership scenarios but be in no doubt they are under consideration.

Great article.

jayakd0 6/8/2016 | 10:03:37 PM
why always a follower? Looking at these trends, wish CSPs start looking at where they can be leaders than followers of web scale players! Collaboration will be a key challenge looking at their spread, culture and regulatory environment!  way to go :)