ITProjec39942 10/10/2016 | 1:11:51 AM
officials want Huawei to provide information about shipments to blacklisted i agree,According to the New York Times report, officials want Huawei to provide information about shipments to blacklisted countries over the past five years.

Further action against Huawei could meet with a backlash from China and have repercussions for companies that do business with the equipment maker globally.

The move could also hurt US suppliers to Huawei, including Lumentum Holdings Inc. , Finisar Corp. (Nasdaq: FNSR) and NeoPhotonics Corp. (NYSE: NPTN), according to Simon Leopold, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates.
I disagree with your entire premise. Verizon is paying its bandung content providers to provide content jogja on its FiOS TV network. I am assuming SBC will pay its content providers to provide video over Lightspeed.

Google is not a content provider, but semarang more of a content aggregator. A way of finding actual content. The Google Business bekasi model is to be paid by content providers to be found through Google.

Example, you can "google" Light Reading bogor and find this site. But Light Reading is the content and not Google.

From that cikarang standpoint, the RBOC argument over QoS and making people pay for access to their customers is really a way to charge cirebon their customers more money. As at the jakarta end of the day businesses would pay Google more for karawang ads and in turn charge their customers more. If a click-fraud application comes around in that time, then Google will surabaya be out of the pay-per-click business.

ISPs are also not content providers but common carriers.

sowen557 6/4/2016 | 4:49:12 PM
Re: Relax, folks. "shipments to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria that may have included components from Huawei's US suppliers."  Who else would supply them Telecom and ICT Equipment to these markets?
mendyk 6/3/2016 | 9:12:07 AM
Re: Relax, folks. The New World Order is turning out to be not so different from the Old World Order.
PaulERainford 6/3/2016 | 8:03:46 AM
Relax, folks. It's OK, The Donald will smooth things over when he takes charge. Yikes.
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