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6/1/2016 | 2:29:03 PM
Re: Hat tip to Ingenu's Josh Builta
@Ray: Interesting, this is called JIT (Just in Time), Japanese origin :)

Slide13: Interesting to see Chattanooga Utility continuing to wave the high speed flag and acknowledging (in this unique way) the vendor partner who is powering their ultra broadband network (ALU, current Nortel)!

Slide26: Wish the trophy here was a vertical split version, so that both these partners hold the baby always together :)

Slide27: I envy ADVA for that  Ericsson "Skeleton" telephone! :)
6/1/2016 | 12:37:17 PM
4 women
I counted 4 women in 27 slideshow pics. (1 was accepting in conjunction with a male colleague) Wish there were more female winners in non-WIC categories. 
[email protected]
6/1/2016 | 11:31:59 AM
Hat tip to Ingenu's Josh Builta
PIc number 15 in this slide show...

Joshua Builta, the VP of product management at Ingenu, was stuck in an airport for (I believe) about 12 hours because of bad weather as he was trying to get to Austin for the awards.... like many of the shortlisted companies, Ingenu had reserved a seat at the awards dinner but when we checked only minutes before we were getting to the Most Innovative IoT/M2M Strategy (Service Provider) category he hadn't made it.

I was just starting to explain to the awards dinner crowd that he had bene held up by bad weather when he appeared, seemingly unruffled, and collected the trophy.

If I had still been wearing my stetson at that point, I'd have taken it off to him... what an effort!!


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