FrankScott 5/30/2016 | 2:43:29 AM
powder painting I think ALok is right
AlokT518 5/29/2016 | 8:24:30 PM
Is "Ocean" a code for something? Did Vodafone reveal if the word "Ocean" is an internal code for the overall vision to build an Open, Converged, Elastic and Autonomic Network?
jayakd0 5/28/2016 | 11:59:16 AM
Re: NFV & commercials Will the NFV market not become a commodity market soon, with many players (and features) to choose from? it will all then depend on whom to choose to get the carrier class availability and security at the service level, with committed SLAs.

It will be interesting then to see what (and how) these vendors will be checklisted against!
ChiefMar76368 5/27/2016 | 11:15:26 AM
NFV & commercials Interesting to see lack of clarity on NFV pricing as a top issue. Same came up in a washup discussion at TMF earlier this month. From an operator perspective, that's going to be even more complicated when having to consider whether to use virtualized functions or physical ones in any particular case. If the economics aren't clear, who's going to know which option makes better business sense?