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daa accuracy is important

Santa Clara, fair summer weather


The physical location where the Iot is has much count of the actual privacy condition.

I am sure there is a way of setting kind of privacy on the software where they run on IoT.

Is there anyway to have a privacy on  IoT?


HI Thank you Kaata  Canada


Nick, tks for respond.

The lecture was an hour ago.  you're listening to an archive.

May be I am listening to the Archive version of the Big Data Analytics & IoT

The lecture is archived now so you can start the audio player above when you are ready to listen. 

I can hear Nick and Kelsey.

I hope i am not  late.


My pleasure @Nick, a lot of fun (and very informative!) for us as well!

Thanks again for hosting and organizing, Kelsey!

Thanks, @Kelsey!  Looking forward to returning to Upskill U in the future. These lectures are always great fun.

Fantastic lecture, @Nick, so great to have you back at Upskill U!!

Thanks, Liz! So Glad you enjoyed the lecture.

Thank you for a great lecture today @Nick. I learned so much....Thanks @Kelsey for hosting another great one!

Thanks, @Kelsey!  It's been a pleasure coming back to Upskill for another lecture. I'm looking forward to future opportunities to talk with your enthusiastic and knowledgable audience!

@Nick thanks for answering our questions!

Agreed @jay, it was great having Nick on again today!! Thanks @Nick for the thought-provoking lecture and excellent slide deck! Listeners - we'll see you on the chat next Wednesday for the start of our video series!

@faryl thanks for the suggestion! 

One other question I see below: " how to convince operators to handle the data to some other partners, other than themselves, although many service providers always say "we can be trusted"."


Interesting question!  This relates to ownership of data.  There are a whole bunch of interesting issues here.  One is whether we can architect the network to control where IoT devices send data, even if we don't always control the software running on the device.  With control over the network (or at least a gateway device), we might be able to man-in-the-middle/masquerade to intercept some data flows.  This will of course become harder if IoT devices start deploying end-to-end encryption (though we're still a ways off from that for many devices, apparently).

@Kelsey Can we have a series on the legal side of IoT? (Liability, fair use, privacy rights, etc.?)

Thanks, Gowens1!  Glad folks have enjoyed the discussion.

Thanks, ashu, ekondo, faryl, u0, and jayak!

thanks for your time, Nick!  Very good presentation.

@Ashu, you can read about graduation from Upskill U on our FAQ page! And we are about to launch a pin promotion where if you complete 2 out of 4 of our topic modules you can collect pins ... something fun! here's the FAQ http://www.lightreading.com/document.asp?doc_id=722353<op=yes

Thanks Nick, your slides are full of interesting triggers and learning. I am yet to complete my reflections on the first lecture in the series :) We are very lucky to have you on this forum!

@Nick well said, yes, a lot of liability issues yet to be sorted out

Thanks for the link to BITAG - I hadn't read about that before! Adding it to my list of things to check out :)

Liability is a very interesting question. But, it does relate a bit to today's topic.

If we assume that it may be impossible to hold all vendors liable (consider some of the scenarios that listeners discussed below), then analytics becomes all the more important for defending against data leaks, DoS attacks, etc. and also for monitoring for device malfunction or failure. If devices are not dependable, then monitoring for these anomalies becomes more important than ever.

This is'nt unrelated but I was wondering if we will we getting some kind of Certificate(even Digital is Good) if we clear this course?

much appreciated event! Thanks!

jayank: yes, current will get it for you, but it actually also shows up as electromagnetic interference.

many people were asking about liability on yesterday's lecture with AT&T 

One of the thornier questions concerns liability/responsibility.

Who is responsible: the manufacturer, the consumer, the ISP, ...? I think the responsibility/liability has yet to really be ironed out, but there are certainly advisory groups, such as BITAG (bitag.org) that are taking up this questions.

@Nick, thanks. So we may need to monitor the current rather than frequency on the power line taps.

Great and thought-provoking lecture!

@faryl   too busy to carve out time these days. :))  I like that these sessions are short and sweet


I'd like to briefly talk about legal concerns and liability questions, since that was brought up below.

Yes, when there are device anomalies, this may show up in changes in behavior in a number of ways.  If malware is installed, we may see an increase in network traffic, or an increase in computational activity on the device (or, simply less idle time).  Because idle vs. other activities can be seen on the powerline, we can use these signatures to detect activities that are out of the ordinary.

@Gowens1 Maybe you could be a guest lecturer?!

thank you, good day to all

@Faryl I've worked in the Federal space for most of my career.  Most forensics I've been a part of support federal security interests 


@Nick - listener Q: Slide 34: How does the power line frequency change with anomolies in the devices? 

One question below: "@Nick how can you secure it while it is in traffic over wifi?"

WiFi security is itself almost a separate topic. There are ways, of course (802.1X being the most comprehensive).

I would not consider buying any IT hardware from China; their products use technology from America and end up selling it back to us at a deep discount.

@faryl  I agree.  I work in forensics/LE investigations.  Seems like this will be the next workload for policies and SME's in my field. 

@Nick thanks for that list!

In addition, the data analytics platform, meaning where the analytic applications are running should also be a great concern. In this case, the data privacy and security issue can be remedied. It is again, DCs, hybrid clouds, and PaaS offerings should make sense.


Any more questions for Nick?

For some reason, I'm having trouble getting my list of orgs to post.  Perhaps it is too long.  The short answer is IEEE, NIST, IETF, GSMA Connected Living, Wordwide Web Consortium, Online Trust Alliance, and Internet Governance Forum, to name a few.

@gowens1 What type of investigations were they (if it's ok to share)?

IPv6 also supports more IP addresses than IPv4 right? On the other hand, edge computing can help to make IPv4 more applicable.

@gowens1 I'd love it if UpSkill did a series on the legal concerns and where the law is in relation to IoT

My post with standards organizations didn't show up.  Let me try again...

Yes, IPv6 will become increasingly predominant.

Timothy Winters spoke on IPv6 and IoT in this past course: http://www.lightreading.com/iot-evolving-networks-to-meet-the-opportunity-/l/d-id/722337?piddl_promo=&p_lg_c=

Thank you very much, Nick, Kelsey and LR. Have a nice weekend all of you and classmates

We are running out of IPv4 sites so IPv6 it will have to be.Won't it?

openconnectivity.org is a very interesting site for sure.

@faryl  I've assisted with many investigations in my career... These are scary days indeed.


"Does IoT can run on IPv4 OR it needs IPv6?"

It can run on either, but we are increasingly seeing deployments of IPv6.  For example, in the US, Comcast has said that upwards of 30% of their traffic _already_ runs over IPv6, and that number is likely to grow, particularly as IPv6 devices get connected.

Thanks for the link to openconnectivity.org - I think open source and collaboration are going to be vital in making sure IoT evolves in a robust and safer way.

@Nick we had a question about what standards bodies are working on IoT standards. Can you expand on that?

Question below: "I see most IoT hardware coming out of China in the near future and beyond.  W/O proper security, is this a means for them to take over the world w/ bugs, malware, and ransomware?"


Great question: All the more reason why IoT analytics is going to be important in this space. Many devices that we connect to the network may come from untrusted sources, and we may have no control over the software/firmware.  All the more reason why we need to use analytics to watch/analyze the behavior of the device for misbehavior.

Thank you for the excellent presentation.

@Gowens I watch/read too much true crime stuff & follow Project Innocence's work to feel comfortable that data can't be "massaged" to violate someone's rights.

Looking forward to chatting more with Nick and Kelsey on the message board....

Thanks for that link, Nick! Listeners, we have time for a few more questions...

thank you Nick - very enlightening

Thanks, everyone! Thanks, Kime, egoldman, systemsE, Ariella, faryl, and others!

Very good presentation!


Thanks Nick and Kelsey, very precise lecture! will jump into Open Connectivity Foundation right away :)



Thank yoU!  Very informative is the limited time we had.  Well done!!

Are there best practice policies in place right now?

Thank you, Nick! This was great!

Great session today! Thank you Nick :)

thank you nick! this was a great lecture :) 

Thank you and looking forward to see more from you

Great presentation by NICK

can you leave url link for open connectivity foundation

But the problem is: how to convince operators to handle the data to some other partners, other than themselves, although many service providers always say "we can be trusted".

@u016920 "Fair & legal" becomes an issue when the law is still catching up though :-/

I see most IoT hardware coming out of China in the near future and beyond.  W/O proper security, is this a means for them to take over the world w/ bugs, malware, and ransomware? 


Sounds like a great SyFy movie plot..... 

@Michelle I won't even get a Fitbit! But I also wonder if they cows have already left the barn, so to speak... We're just starting to notice now.

Does IoT can run on IPv4 OR it needs IPv6

@faryl you think like me...  how wll legal holds apply, etc. 

The core network and edge computing.

Finding deliberate code placed in devices by over seas governments could prove interesting and political. Not sure it's act of war level but it's security violation level. 

And also edge computing to improve scalability.

(I was a vote for "long way to go" too!)

IoT will be good option for enabling Infratstructure as service based on utilization.


I think it sounds like (there is) a long way to go, but when one is thinking about using PaaS, private clouds and in-house data analytics solution, then it is just a case study.

The other issue with security and encryption is that the law is not caught up to it either - so people are naive/unaware how info could be used against them in court cases.

@Faryl me either. I want to use fewer devices all together now.

It is going to be a challenge to check all the vulnerabilities of the IoT devices. My question is how to make a vendor accountable who will escape saying it is just a sotware bug and not any deliberate mischief code that is embedded!

Example. IoT inside home security camera system. I want to make sure my family is safe by watching how the sitter treats the kids but I don't want hackers to be watching my family at all hours. Security !

great job (and good QnA ongoing)

Users and technical personnel must go on new ways. Lot of information to consider and learn

@Michelle - the info on data/info that can be gathered just from the amount of traffic doesn't make me feel any more comfortable.

jayak: if malware is installed, that may indicate anomalies, such as increased network traffic or activity.

I think it is still long way to go. What are the suggested tools for capturing the Analytics?


I think IoT has a lot of value in the industrial/business sector, but I think it's a way away from being something I'd want to implement at home anytime soon.

Thanks for the presentation, Nick Feamster. Good one.

Imp Q, what is the role of SDN/NFV in IoT space

@Nick how can you secure it while it is in traffic over wifi?

Slide 34: How does the power line requency change with anomolies in the devices? not clear

Having a lot of data but not making sense of it , would not deliver the benefit of IoT

Coming up on Q&A, get those questions in!

Data analytics will play a big role in IoT

An in-house data analytics solution is what they want, meaning everything has to be isolated from the public Internet, only living in the intranet. Some companies that I know are investing money in the in-house solutions, as a means to end-to-end encryption of data.

@ekondo Yep - but it's like everyone is willingly handing it over to Big Brother.

It looks like the NPR (National Public Radio) website has been compromised, so what hope do we have for IoT?

very impressive data capture for power line

and we want eliminate cumbersome data prep

Polling IoT devices can be prohibitive given that there are potentially billions of them out there.

We are in the age of social media where other people know more about you than you know about yourself.

Surf to a web site, that company trys to chat with you AND calls you on the phone. Can I help you. Privacy?

@Ariella I agree. Given the number of companies that have had breaches lately, I don't really trust anyone with my personal data.

Long way to go. Lot of work at different levels

I'm not even sure if end-to-end encryption is always needed, but when it is needed, no, there is not nearly enough being done. For one thing, doesn't the government put pressure on manufacturers who use encyption to include a backdoor?

I think the days of privacy are long gone.

Security -- Tech sources have gone about half as far as they need to go.

Somewhere in between.  They are working on IOT devices and systems to help work on security.  But they still have a good bit of work to do.


More IOT security awareness is needed

More security needs to be applied.   Long way to go


Companies are aware of the risks, but b/c of the amount of information that can be gleaned from the meta data, it's not enough. 

yes, they have long way to go

I think some are way ahead of others in regards to encryption


@faryl I'm with you. I avoid IoT devices in home because of these privacy and security issues.

They have a long a way to go as security is still an evolving field for IoT

Companies have a long way to go.

long way to go. Again the need depends on the appplications!

They have a long way to go. Theissues are being identifed but there are still too many holes.

I had never even considered home analytics platforms ... very interesting.

Nope. They have a very long way to go!!!

Doubtful - long way to go

@Michelle I agree! I don't see myself implementing any IpT devices at my home for a long time because of the privacy & security issues

Are the days of privacy is long gone?

I am very interested in the home analytics platforms

There is no more privacy. Or so it feels.

Isn't also an opportunity for hackers to get access to all that data, as well?

This exactly! Security and privacy just isn't as it should be with these devices.

Well, Nest disappointed its owners as Alphabet said it will not support it in the future.

I have a Sensi thermostat - anyone have a Nest?

Slide 19: Can we also not poll devices ast some intervals, even if they emit data only very infrequently?

Oh wow - that's detailed

Low volume for design, I assume

A very old simple mistake problem is a user plugs in the end user port instead of Internet uplink port on simple home router and zap. DHCP issued by home router to other customers inless some protection from DHCP coming from the wrong place. 

Coming up on time for another listener question in just a few minutes...what questions do you have for Nick?

Will there be any difference in Data Analytics if the Access is Wi-Fi versue LTE?

@Ariella, thanks for the information, and I will try to fix it on my side.


Interesting to think about problems arising from user reconfiguration of devices

Is there any standard body working in IOT specifications area ?

Yes,there are some specific IoT Analytics vendors on the market.I believe Ayla Networks does offer this service.

@ylu01ne haven't noticed any.

@Ylu01ne sometimes your broadband connection can impact the audio 

So security is the biggest threat that needs to be handled with IOT


this is a great follow up to our class with AT&T yesterday if you have not listened to that one....a good one for your downtime for sure.

Anyone else is experiencing any delay on voices?


@telewrtrliz ha! right...I have smart light bulbs...

@Liz so true. I suspect we'll see more device takeover stories in the future. 

The audio is great over here.

Rogue Light bulbs....not to be trusted!

@Ariella   I had forgotten about that. 


I think he's about to answer your question @Jay

Slide 5, Can one company provide all these functions for any verical application or will it be more of a System Integrator that takes multiple analytic solutions and creates a unified solution that provides all these functions?

Question for Nick F: At present are there any vendors that offer industry specific IoT analytics?

Slide 5: Fault management is it unidirectional? can we invoke diagnostics at the IoT end points?

@Gowns1 Internet of things. For a while Cisco was using IoE for Internet of Everything.

i mean what is the history of IOT, who was the intitiator of the term IOT

@Ashu that's a Good question for @Nick


The name comes logically from what it is? 

Connected cows goes way beyond linking up the milking machines  see https://news.microsoft.com/features/connected-cows-help-farms-keep-up-with-the-herd/

Question for Nick F: Who has access to this IoT data (big data)?

@Gordon-Why do you feel there is'nt much concern over Data Accuracy?Who is to blame for this failing? Are we moving too fast here?

Who coined the term IOT ?

Bigger concerns taking the lead with IoT right now


Security is a concern. But I think the learning curve / skill shortage is a bigger issue right now.

accuracy needs to be quantified. Some applications can afford lower accuracies also!

organizations may be utilizing incorrect data based on the info they collected. in other words the data collected may not be read and applied properly 

No. Companies find interesting ways to deal with Bid Data.

An echo in the line...


Yes, companies do not deal with ambiguity very well.

what is SDN/NFV role in IOT ?

depends on what the data is being used for - medical - big issue, how many cows are in the field, maybe not so critical


Depends on what they want to do w/ the data.

Yes (too much data and unprepared)

I'm not seeing enough concern over data accuracy

I'm back.  I was cut off somehow.

Yes we are having IoT issues. Where are those cables?

Linux foundation - https://www.iotivity.org/

So what is the difference between all these connected devices and an "ankle bracelet?"

a good future topic for a class @Michelle!


My brother milks cows, too.

slide 3: smart hubs, how does it ensure multivendor sensor interoperability?

I can see many advantages of tracking farm animal movement, especially on a dairy farm.

@Liz that sounds like great fun - cow tracking

@telewrtrliz wow, didn't know about that, very cool!

@Kelsey Ziser:Aren't the milking machine already connected

@Ariella no, I think it's generally covered by standard policies in the area. I think insurance companies account for the likelyhood of tornados in policy pricing (might be wrong, but that sounds right).

my friend has a dairy farm and all the cows are connected to track where they are in the field and when they are milked.

@Kelsey cows have been connected for years now. there's a lot of data analytics involved.

@Michelle do you get special insurance coverage for that like for flood zones?

QUESTION: Don't we have the ability to block IP addresses of rogue devices. Wouldn't that be an easy way to contain compromised devices?

@Ariella sure, but we're in the big 'tornado season' right now. Perks of living in Tornado Alley, I guess...

@Michelle that's what I thought, though can you get tornados the whole season? 

TGIF @klogan, good to see you here!

@apauling how do you feel about the Brexit results?

Wow! Lots of folks from all over today on the show. Thanks for spending your Friday afternoon/evening with us!

@Ariella - nope, always hot this time of year +tornados

Guayaquil, Ecuador.....cloudy and hot....

Good evening from Kenilworth, England / United Kingdom, Cloudy 64F/18C

Overcast, Hot and Humid with Thuderstorms forecast this afternoon in RTP NC

Phoenix AZ, hot, dry and sunny

SLC, Utah.....weather clear

Texas folks, do you expect it to be any different this time of year?

Hello from beautiful Seattale

Chicago  - perfect day  sunny and comfortable


Gainsville Florida.  Hot and Sunny.

Hi from Maryalnd and 80s.

Listening in from British Columbia, Canada, where it is partly cloudy and cool (64ºF/14ºC)

call from toronto, nice weather.

Estado de México, humid and cloudy noon

Mt Pleasant, MI - sunny and 81

One day I'd love to switch location an dsee if anyone notices.

Dallas Texas. Weather is HOT

Chicagoland and a beautiful day!

Knoxville - Sunny, hot and sticky


Hello from Princeton!  It's sunny and about 80 degrees today.  Perfect weather today.

hello from Bangalore! a cool night :)

Hello from Research Triangle Park NC.

Good afternoon Ariella - nice to see you 

We are live on the air! Welcome to the Radio Show and Chat everyone!

Hello, happy Friday!


Excited to be back, folks!  Almost ready to go.


Hope everyone is ready for a discussion on data analytics and IoT!

Good afternoon to all of you

Audio will begin at the top of the hour, folks. 2 more minutes to go.

2GeorgiaCougar That is good news about the plans to lay down that much cable and bring the infratructure to the 20th century.

Good afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, press F5 to refresh your screen. There are slides for this presentation so be sure to download them from above. We are looking forward to the discussion, so be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards.

GeorgiaCougar -

interesting works project - sounds like a good combination of FDR and what Qwest started before .com kicked off

Almost time! Get ready to refresh the browser if you don't hear the audio. :)

Howdy y'all. Yes, I expect 288+ strands of fiber from/to/between every state and territory all underground all over the country for high speed Internet. Who ever owns all that fiber can get rich "letting" each Internet provider use 4 strands from/to/between every state and territory. The air is shared traffic and we have enough cancer in America. Push all that data underground. Give folks jobs and make sure the fiber is quality tested and under contract to get repaired quickly if it gets damaged by a backhoe or tree roots. 

Can't wait to hear from Nick today! 

Hi Folks!  Looking forward to the lecture.  We'll have a focus on applications of analytics to security, following on from yesterday's excellent lecture.

Hello everyone. I'm excited to hear from Nick today

Getting started in about 15 minutes! Go ahead and download the slide deck in the link above the live chat.

The next near economic collapse afer BREXIT is overhanging the last day of the week

Looking forward to the weekend.


How is everyone this fine last day of the work week?

The IoT sessions this week have been great. I'm really looking forward to hearing today's session. 

@Godav-As things stand I share your sceptism regarding this issue.Only time will tell if pur scepticism is well-founded.

Or will the Smart Techies pull under Rabbit out of the Hat to keep things going again?

@Georgia-I feel LTE /WiMax is the only way out for a country as Big as America.

Nobody expects High Speed Cable to be laid all across this vast country do they?

with advent of smartphones there were concerns that it would overwhelm existing WiFi capacity and would force WiFi spot owners to clamp down. Yet, the opposite happened. I believe in USA we are very bad at keeping existing/legacy infra and infra modes, but very good at leapfrogging into new modes. Same will happen with edge capacity supporting IoT.

My thinking is that Home user Internet speeds are jumping to much faster than the infrastructure in place today can handle. What is the Solution? Short term and long term?

@Ashu interesting question!

Thinking of Short Circuit movie "...right on the sensor...".

@Ashu001 I am of the opinion that the current infrastructure in north America is not ready for IoT. How can the system support more bits and bytes, when it can barely support Web 2.0?

Hi All! Looking forward to Nick's class today.

I Know this is slightly off-topic(I read it on Reuters) that Los Angeles is set for 14 days of Blackouts in July-August this year because of Poor Grid Maintaince and Inadequate Electricity Supply. Does anyone else think that IoT (especially on Distributed Grid Systems) can change things dramatically in this sceanario?

Going ahead,Distributed Grid Systems are going to be paramount in this Space as smaller and smaller Generators bring Power online.

Its clear that America's Grid is not ready for that change.

What needs to happen?

Hi @Ashu! Yes, Nick has prepared an excellent presentation for us, can't wait!

The Slides for this event are really-really phenomenal! Do read up!

How do you analyze all those massive-massive and often Continous Streams of Data pouring in via IoT? Big Data Analytics holds the Key! No two ways about that!!!

Hey Folks! Is everyone ready for another SUPER EVENT!!!

Hi everyone! Looking forward to Nick's presentation at 1pm!

Hi, All. I'm looking forward to attend the session, I alawys heard about IoT but never take alook, So, It's great chance to know about it with you.


Looking forward to attend this session

looking forward to this

Looking forward to attend this session thx

Greetings and salutations all!

Looking forward to this class!

Big Data Analytics is start to become a much Ballyhooed term now.

Hopefully,IoT Data can be utilized better with proper Big Data Analytics Tools now.

Looking forward to the lecture!

Excited that Nick will be lecturing at Upskill U again, you won't want to miss this session!

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