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Good presentation and interesting material, but was very hard to follow such a quick speaker. 1000 words per minute??:))

I believe company where I work uses big data analytics moderately well. Some departments use it more that the others and some are quite behind.

Good examples. However, from my personal experience it gets more and more annoying to get all the customized proposals from various sales and marketing departments of stores and especially web shops where I sometimes just bought a small item... MAkes me feel uncomfortable with it. 

Hi there, listening to the recording from Sweden.

Light and great presentation!


Sorry, please ignore my comment. My bad. 

Just a quick feedback on the PDF: the slide number is not there hence it was a little difficult for me to follow-up.

California, nice and warm!

It's great to participate in this on-demand session!

Minneaopolis, warm and humid

Thanks for a very good presentation.  Wish I could have heard it all, but audio link died.  

streaming has locked up.  

archive is available. great presentation!

Great presentation. Have a Magical day everyone.

thanks to Juan and the archive 

always comes done to a balance

do you attempt to pre determine the data neede or do you grab all data

very interesting analogy re big data


man was unable to attend past few. glad for the archive.


Hi, All. It's nice to join the lecture about such important topic with professor like Prof. Juan

Hi...This Prof. Sunil Patil from Pune, India and the weather is absolutely wonderful today in the campus....

no, the average user is too dumb to realize all the implications of putting too much data "out there"


Thank you, very informative

@gneangodav8v Good question re: how/if Disney uses external data as well. I'm interested to hear that response.
@Juan Thank you for your time and all the great info!

@Juan Yes, proactive security measures are so key! Thank you so much for the excellent lecture today and thank you to our listeners for tuning in! We'll see you all back here tomorrow to hear from Jason Porter at AT&T.

@Kelsey breaches are definitely a concern. It all comes down to security and risk management practices to mitigate the risk. Be proactive. There are plenty of resources to secure the data. The main challenge is that you need to be always learning and improving because that is exactly with hackers are doing.

@gneangodav8v I agree about the "Minority Report" analogy! (But we're our own pre-cogs... AI will just be used to interpret it)

@Juan - another question from a listener - how are companies protecting customer data against breaches? 

agreed there @faryl regarding those super market cards

@Faryl definiltey agree with you. The casinos is a fascinating example: people are sharing their gambling habits through rewards programs because of the value they get in return.

@juan thanks! Yes, I think transparency is really important!

Thanks @Kelsey. Definitely focus on how is trust going to maintained; focus also on the value customers will get out of the data they are sharing. Keep it simple and transparent.

I think when data collection happens off-line (for example DisneyWorld's bracelets that they give their guests while at the resorts) most people are more likely to view the convenience factor and overlook the data-collection component. People who are leery about computers/the Internet still can be naive about data collection (supermarkets have been getting people to share for years with "savings cards" and few people think about what it's used for; similar with casinos in Vegas)

Thanks Juan and LR for this talk!

Juan will be on the chat board in just a few minutes answering questions...stick around!

@Juan you touched on this a bit but one of our listeners said that some companies seem more adept at getting consumer buy-in on sharing their personal information. What can companies do to encourage trust with consumers?

Thank all of you, Kelsey, Juan and everybody at UPSKILL

Wish Juan has highlighted a couple of insights derived  as examples and business decisions taken from analytics :)

Thank you for the lecture.

looking forward to chatting with Juan on the chat board in just a few minutes.

Thanks Juan Gorricho. Interesting stuff.

Smaller to very small projects.  Sounds right to me.  Thank you!

@gnean that's a lot of metaphors. ha!

how quick is "quick action" reaction time???/

Is it possible that some data get lost in the transition? if so, where the lost data goes?


We have entered the world of "Minority Report." The world of "pre-cogs." We have taken a bite of the apple.

how to govern  or draw a line to not infringe customer privacy wr.t target example in the slide

Say when user (visitor) go to the theme park. Everyone experienced long waiting line. The data already there. Is just how the management want to deal with the data and user expectations.

Agreed @faryl. I'm always hesistant sharing.

People are probably getting more used to sharing info online because of social media. 

Many companies are working on Big data analytics using Machine Learning techniques.Is pattern recognition of consumer usage really important in meeting customer experience?

I think privacy is also tied to security - as more info hits the news regarding legal ramifications (what info can be used in courts, what the government can gain access to) and the different hacks and links, people will be becoming more aware & less enthusiastic about sharing.

I mean within the open space marketplace technique should it even be allowed to want to continue to be so free with share your data ?

Does Disney correlate their guest data with external data (economic data, election cycle, weather, etc.)?

What are some of the products or solutions that are most common that companies are using?  We use splunk for some things.  Thank you

Other concern is - "Can companies share their data with other companies freely?" That opens-up a completely different dimension

Poll answer: based on clients, not very well.

Another Q for Juan: is there something that you see triggers people to share their data? Is it their trust in a company? It is for me, but I wonder about other people?

How long the raw data persists in Disney's analytic systems?

Q for Juan as a follow on to the poll, are you seeing a difference in age groups and their willingness to share data? 

What criteria should our company use to determine the initial project size for improving customer experience?  

poll response: if consumer is told apriori on what data is being collected (and used/protected), better trust will prevail and make these systems healthy and valuable!

Thankls @Kesley.

I see that the slides are available. However, IMHO, it is not the optimal experience having to browse the deck to find which slide corresponds to the point the presenter is discussing.


hi @lesa thanks for joining us!

Going to review the poll results shortly and start Q&A, get your quesitons in now!

Poll Question: Yes, but I really think it depends on the age of the consumer. It seems like younger consumers are more open to sharing.

I don't think so, especially if they are aware of the advantages that it has.



I wonder if there will be a technical way in the future for customers have more ownership of their data. 

Consumer will be more hesitant, unless perhaps the consumer gets something back (What's in it for me/WIFM)


I think it depends on the age of the customer -- yes for older customers, no for younger customers

it may if used in invasive manner


IDAP - Intelligent Data Analytical Processor

depends on the nature of the data solicited; butin general, i believe customers will become more hesitant to share personal data

If they dont receive personal value, they will be concernded

No, consumers will become more used to data being collected and how that data might make their experiences better.

As companies become more adept at analyzing big data, do you think consumers will become more hesitant about sharing personal information due to privacy concerns? 

yes, unless trust is present

Sometimes data can be a bit scary. 

Coming up on Q&A in just a few minutes, start thinking about what other questions you have for Juan!

We have created an amazing engine called IDAP - we are in beta - http://solara-analytics.com check it out

@jorge audio + the slide deck (link above)

@jorge you can download the slides from the Special Education Materials section above

What are some of the key metrics that have been successful in improving customer experience? What should analysts be looking for?


Is there a presentation video stream?


What other questions do you have for Juan?

I also think predictive analytics can be key for understanding what customers are going to need/want in the future, too....

Sound is working great for me!

I can definitely see the value in using big data to improve customer experience. But, I always worry about privacy and data breaches. I cringed a bit at the Target slide – especially after Target's data breach issue. (FYI - Here's a link to that issue: http://money.cnn.com/2015/12/02/news/companies/target-data-breach-settlement/) Anyways, how are companies protecting customer data against breaches? 

Great questions @gnean and @business!

What is a specific example of big data improving customer experience? I think a story of successful deployment would be helpful here. 

the sound can be impacted by your Internet connection @adam and @jorge

@adam try refreshing your screen

ah good question @gnean, I'd like to know that too

Why is there a double standard about data collectio? Apple, Google, and Facebook collect a lot of data on your activities and they monetize it (if you believe Apple they don't, at least externally), but when an operator or a company like Disney collect data, it seems like users are less accepting. How is Disney addressing this concern?

Is passive collection better/accurate (tracking) than active collection (surveys/interviews)?

is sound cuttnig out for anyone else?

It plays anmajor role in it and crm apps today.we can't disregard it.
Not well..and, what are the data sources you are leveraging? IT, Application?

Thanks for the answer, Juan.


We were just talking about this on a call earlier today....how to capture the right data and how to use it so we can obtain actionable insights

It's time for our first listener poll. How well is your organization using big data analytics to improve the customer experience? Not well, moderately well, or very well? 

Just getting started on collecting and analyzing customer data.

As Juan mentioned, more about the technology than the business outcome

How does Disney decide what data to capture? How do you navigate the privacy waters?


@gnean I guess it would be how the data is used...businesses need to be smart about how they use it, right?

How do you handle people who think personalization a bit too creepy?

Coming up on time for our first listener question...think about what you'd like to ask Juan!

so true about the personalization of data to make an impact....very valuable

Daniel is adorable :) thank you for sharing that stroy Juan!

Hi @gliptak and @nick, glad you could join us!

@TeleWrtrLiz we need to get representation in the southern hemisphere where it's now winter.

hi @mraising welcome to the chat!

Hi Everyone. I have been here since 11.55 a.m. but I was not logged into the chat until 12.06 p.m.


@gnean I'd forgotten about that, cool factoid!

joining from Bangalore, rainy evening!

sounds like it's hot weather all over the world

Walt Disney staff are called "Cast members" :-)

Hot and Humid with a chance for thunderstorms here in Central NC


Connecting from San Antonio, Texas.  It will be another scorching day today.

Thank goodness for airconditioning.


Sunny and rather too warm in NY

Nice weather here in Ohio for the CAVS


Sunny and hot in Estado de México

Atlanta,  Sunny and beautiful!

It was HOT HOT HOT on Monday. 107F. Hot like hell. Today will be around 80F

Listening in from British Columbia, Canada, where it is cloudy today and around 58F.



New Jersey.  Sunny, 80's, light wind.

Chicagoland! Big storms coming our way but cloudy now.

Florida! The weather is hot, hot, hot.

Good afternoon from Research Triangle Park NC.

Hi @klogan! starting shortly...

Slides are above the live chat window

No slides for todays event?

Almost time. How is everyone today? Doing good at the mid-week?

Very excited to hear today's lecture!!

Hi everyone! Go ahead and download the slides from the link above the chat

Hello! Looking forward to Juan's presentation.

Hi all. Getting ready for today's class.

It looks like we have a busy room today. Looking forward to this session later today!

Looks like it will be a great learning experience!
Hello panelists...looking forward to this afternoon's webinar!

Greetings & salutations all!

Welcome, everyone! Looking forward to the presentation and chat this afternoon!

Really excited to hear from Juan today!

Looking forward to tomorrow's webinar!

Thank you for the great info!

looking forward to this.

Looking forward to attend this session

Greetings and saluations all!

looking forward to this class!

Unlike data from machines, customer data will have multiple dimensions. I hope psychologists are also part of these analytics teams to get the best value from such predictive analytics!

I'm especially curious to hear about some of the ways this has been implemented at Disney. It seems the theme parks have been making a number of changes that allow tracking user activity in ways that can be used to make the parks more responsive/flexible to immediate visitor information.

@Stantracy Hello! Hope you'll be able to join us next Wednesday, it's going to be a great course, we're excited to hear from Juan!

@Sarah The recording automatically loads after the course ends so check the site again sometime after 2pm ET on Wednesday. Sounds like it's a very relevant course for you, glad you'll be able to check out the recording! 

If I'm unable to attend the live meeting, is there a recorded webinar afterward that can be sent to me? I have meetings in NYC with another vendor that day, oddly enough they're about Customer Journey Mapping :) 


@Juan-It will be great fun learning what you have to say here!

Really looking forwards to your class!

Service Providers are not doing a very good job even today of getting to the crux of all the Data they collect.

ANd the very insidious nature of Data they are collecting is making a lot of Consumers Nervous(not just Privacy Advocates and Regulators).

Maybe time is coming for Companies to STOP Collecting further Consumer Data before they are able to understand/Monitor their Existing Data-Sets first?

Looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the class!

There's definitely a movement toward more customer-centric business plans--looking forward to hearing Juan's insight on this topic!

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