wanlord 1/24/2017 | 5:21:19 PM
and it finally happened writing on the wall. one more chance for this to survive and then it's gone...


KBode 6/7/2016 | 1:46:31 PM
Re: Whoa! AT&T may be doing the same. Reports today hinted at a FOURTH streaming video platoform, this one focused on gaming and anime. Going to be a lot of bloodshed on this front as companies not good at disrupting try to disrupt -- somehow without cannabalizing existing pay TV subscribers. 
kq4ym 6/7/2016 | 1:09:44 PM
Re: Whoa! Verizon might not be the only one to do some back peddling on video. But, who knows, maybe the Verizon hype was really just a trial balloon to see who would jump aboard. It's going to be a real contest among the players to see what's going to fly or not.
KBode 5/27/2016 | 8:08:41 AM
Re: Whoa! I like your sarcasm. :)

Are you saying it takes more to become the next Millennial YouTube sensation than just some neon advertising banners? 
wanlord 5/26/2016 | 8:29:05 PM
Whoa! Whoa! How can this be? I mean come on, they made their office feel like a garage startup. They had "whiteboards everywhere" and "unfinished floors"! They even (unbelievable in the industry), "set a launch date".  Thats all they needed, what could go wrong?

KBode 5/25/2016 | 3:46:31 PM
Re: Surprised... That would make more sense, but I still think that disruption and innovation is not Verizon's strong suit after a generation of regulatory capture. (Failed app store, failed news operation in Sugarstring, failed JV with Red Box). I can understand the back end ad interest; I can understand developing a real OTT streaming platform; but the quest to compete with YouTube and other established platforms for Millennials always struck me as a dead end. 
msilbey 5/25/2016 | 12:21:29 PM
Re: Surprised... Interestingly, I heard a rumor (entirely unconfirmed) that Verizon is planning to move away from Go90 as a showpiece consumer product, and instead use it as a proof-of-concept for the company's video platform and delivery services. In other words, turn it into almost into a model for Verizon white-label services.

Makes sense to me. That's where Verizon's strength lies.
KBode 5/25/2016 | 10:11:54 AM
Surprised... I was pretty surprised to see McAdam pooh pooh his own incredibly-hyped service. Suggests that Verizon's quest to be a sexy new media brand isn't going so well, which is something everybody BUT Verizon saw coming from about forty miles away.