kq4ym 5/29/2016 | 10:51:25 AM
Re: 5G It will be a bit confusing I'd say as some get into testing before AT&T while most seem to be moving forward even before the standards are set in 2018 or so. Getting to " "massive IoT," which anticipates a million networked machine-to-machine devices being deployed in an area less than a mile square" successfully will be very interesting to watch while on the other hand some other devices will require very low latency but not be so closely spaced.
DanJones 5/25/2016 | 12:32:36 PM
Re: Mobile test terminals Yes, that's why I linked to the SKT milestone story. They still have work to do though, the Galaxy was rocking a 60GHz module at MWC.
TV Monitor 5/24/2016 | 10:21:42 PM
Re: Mobile test terminals Dan Jones

"Wonder how big the mobile test terminals will be by 2017?"

Samsung 5G : A custom made Galaxy phone.

Nokia and Ericsson 5G : A portable suitcase.

AT&T agrees Samsung 5G will be ready for demonstration in Februrary of 2018.


AT&T's Wolter isn't expecting smaller commercial 5G devices to arrive until 2020. "We understand that there may be some things that may be ready for the Olympics in Korea [2018], but they'll really be one-offs," he said. 


Headcoach 5/24/2016 | 1:06:33 PM
5G Well it nice that AT&T will be testing in 2017.  However, I could be mistaken, but Sprint has their 5G test in about 7 days!  Shouldn't we be talking about that?
kq4ym 5/19/2016 | 11:59:03 AM
Re: Mobile test terminals It will be interesting to watch the competition as test move forward. With Verizon "working on at least eight 5G test sites in the US," you can be sure everyone is going to be watching AT&T closely.
DanJones 5/18/2016 | 5:27:03 PM
Re: Mobile test terminals Mair didn't mention 39GHz though, only 28GHz. Straight Path's LMDS licenses are all in the North-East, no?
MrGreen 5/18/2016 | 4:35:27 PM
Re: Mobile test terminals Wonder how much ATT will pay for Straight Path's "STRP" nationwide spectrum?
DanJones 5/18/2016 | 3:39:20 PM
Mobile test terminals Wonder how big the mobile test terminals will be by 2017?
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