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Thanks again Jeson, Kelsey and everyone for sharing, on IoT security aspects and recommendations. Have great time everyone. Glad to have the archives

All them and everyone, involved with IoT data

Very concerned on security issues

Listen again from México, little cold now

Very interesting insights, thanks for sharing! Great lecturer.

Is using same vendor for IoT deployments concidered as "more secure" or it doesn´t really matter?

From your material: "a cybersecurity researcher admitted to the FBI that he had hacked into in-flight entertainment systems aboard aircraft 15 to 20 times between 2011 and 2014" - seriously?? So how can one avoid such hacks. All devices can be hacked after all...

First poll question: very concerned about IoT standards and actively deploying all that around IoT.

Hi there, listening from Sweden. It´s cold, winter around the corner already...

IoT security is tough. No one wants horror stories like internet connected locks unlocking or connected cars going haywire. That's for sure. 

Middletown, NJ -  beautifully warm today


great presentation. thanks for the make up. 

ownership of the data has several factors to know before making that decision thus other. 

its night here in tampa, 75F

great this is the course that got re sch.

@Ashu001- AT&T would like to have fiber to all homes in order be able to have everyone connected. So I believe what they have in mind is beyond those particular devices.


I beieve the service provider having more control of IoT.


@Pcorona-Understood.By IoT ;which devices to have in mind here?Baby Monitors?iwatches?

I work on the wireless network for AT&T

@Pcorona-Very concerned? About what? IoT Security?


Thanks! much appreciated!

We'll see everyone tomorrow at 1pm ET for Big Data Analytics & IoT, I hope everyone has a great day!

thanks all! Have a great day.

Thanks Jason and LR for that great talk! 

Great information, Thank you!!!

@Jason thanks again for the excellent lecture today!

@Jason Thanks for that example, reminds us of how important it is to take a proactive approach to security!

@Jason, hope facttories will also use other redundant sensors to ensure that just any one sensor's breach wiill not bring down a factory floor.

Hello,   Logging in from San Antonio, TX.  Going to be another scorching day here. Not as bad as Phoenix.


@Kelsey Ziseryes I can share a story about what has happened dring an IoT Security Breach-- A temperature sensor in a robot on a factory floor was breached.  It provided an inaccurate high temp and caused the entire factory floor to shut down-- resulting in hours of downtime. AT&T's IIoT firewall was deployed to protect against faulse commands to prevent that from happening in the future.

Are there any best practise guidelines from AT&T for IoT device vendors connecting to their network, especially with respect to security?

Thanks, Jason for the excellent presentation!! Listeners - we're covering big data analytics & IoT tomorrow w/ Nick Feamster from Princeton, you won't want to miss it!

Thanks Jason; Very Informative!

thanks a ton - very informative


Thanks for the interesting class!


@Jason - Listener Q - Can you share some stories of what has happened with a IoT Security Breach?

Really great class @Kelsey and @Jason!

Each device in IOT may not need a SIM, only gateways need to have SIM right?

Tomorrow's class is a perfect follow on to this class. Don't forget to register.

Is there a Mil-Std-XXXX regarding Iot from government??

thanks for great discussion

thanks again for great info

thank you Jason. Good presentation.

Good, clear presentation. Thank you!

Are there Mentoring programs available within, or outside of AT&T  for Individuals transitioning into the Cyber security field?

Thank you Jason for taking the time to share with all of us


Thank you Jason, Kelsey, very good presentation

Thanks for an excellent presentation.

It was nice to hear from AT&T /VP about IoT.


which of the IOT WAN technologies, non-cellular LPWAN or Cellular IOT (NB-IOT) which has best security schemes being implemented?

Thanks Jason for sharing your experience! Really useful

Thank you, Jason - very nice and informative presentation

Thanks! Good presentation. 

Very informative!  Thank you!

 can you point to some current legal and regulatory guidelines for IoT?

He'll also join the chat board after the live audio ends!

Informative presentation. Thanks, Jason Porter.

Could you provide to us a real life example of a breach with iOT?


Jason is going to be taking questions live on the air so stick around and feel free to post your questions for him in the chat

How do you feel about the LPWAN in the unlicensed spectrum - particularly from the security perspective? 

Are there Mentoring programs available within, or outside of AT&T  for Individuals transitioning into the Cyber security field?

Thank you, that was great!

Here's the report Jason was referring to on the course: The CEO's Guide to Securing the Internet of Things...you can download it here or above under special education materials.

Amazon has done a lot of Good work in IoT space.

Their ability to work with Beagleboard and Snapdragon is a major Wow!


thanks for great presentation

Coming up on our Q&A, get your questions in!

Jason - thank you for the insightful presentation.   Would you consider the Amazon Kindle deployment using Whispersync as one of the first IoT deployments?   If so, was the intelligence gained from that technology used to create your current model?



It depends on the "thing," or service the "thing" provides; My view is the entity that wrote the service software.  The data collected is sellable like my address and websites I visit.

consumer thinks consumer

service provider is going think they do.

The answer is yes

everyone is the owner to do with and sell as they please

Does it mean the ATT Academy program only offer internally? or partner with local community school?

service provider is the owner .



In your opinion, who has primary ownership over IoT data? The developer, the consumer, the service provider, or another group? 

Consumer must own his data. Provider and developer have responsiblity to ensure that the data is kept safe and secure and is not exposed to external parties.


developer / application owner

consumer and service provider

consumer owns consumer data

provider owns aggregated, anonymized, derivative data


Jason You were talking about capacity and IoT. what would be the best way to keep eyes on the IoT Capacity?

Should be the consumer.

but developers in reality control it


Eveyone at some level


Depends on the application

In the case of terrorist cyber attacks, should companies have some sort of plan in place for government intervention?

Can we use parts of these slides to help convince our upper management why security is more important than they assume?

is it an inhouse or off the shelf application tool?

What other questions do you have for Jason?

@dfperson-Insurance companies are'nt known to take any risk whatsoever.

The Slides are actually very good! Highly recommended!

@ghqureshi2 - That's an interesting question. Maybe this would be too risky for insurance companies...not sure


@Nash - slides are in the link above the live chat

are there any good data analytic tools to track all IoT devices the behavior of the traffic?


OK got the audio but the slides ??


Jason - Have there been government requirements defined for IOT security?

Coming up on our 2nd listener question, what would you like to ask Jason?

Looks like everyone is getting away from end point, Right?

what slide # are we on?


Jason: who will held responsible in case of breach? In otherwords how you think it will change insurance industry (insurance plans). Thanks

@teresa - should start automatically, try refreshing the screen or a different browser

how do i getr the audio?


You have to look at the slid in your own speed.


FYI, the slides doesn't move along with the speech.


Jason -  My Question to you is on LACK of alignment amongst the IoT protocols - especially in the LPWAn domain (Low power WANs)..We see diverse ratification path between 3gPP and LoRa alliance ...How much of a Security impact are we creating , if we do not have a clear ratification in ioT protocls

Concerned about security and as part of that privacy



@medwards, you can just answer in the chat box

Very concerned... but we are a carier providing security services to customers as well. 

Moderately concerned.


50 B connected devices estimated to secure by 2020. is it in USA or in the world?


Jason,  Does your organization use Splunk extensively and will you increase its use.  Thank you.

Good question about skills, I join to it!

going ahead dispite security concerns!? not surprising

Question for Jason P.: Can you give us some career development pointers for someone who wants to get into the IT security field (outside of management)?

Can you share some of the actual/real stories of what has happened with a IoT Security Breach?


are the slides suppose to move along with the speech?

Question: Can Jason Highlight the most valuable skills needed in the IoT cybersecurity arena?


I can't even imagine a 458% increase....

Question for Jason P.: Is the amount of data inversely proportional to how secure the system is?

@Hsweda try refreshing your browser or switching to a different browser. Sometimes there is a delay due to your broadband connection.

industrial IoT issues will be a real challenge

this class fits right in with our other analytics classes this week and last -- if you haven't listened to those yet .

I've read that "most electronics makers lack adequate security expertise" (http://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Trends/Internet-of-Things-allows-new-terrorism-threats-experts-say).  If that's the case, it seems like part of securing the IoT should begin at the manufacturing level. What can manufacturers do to gain the needed security expertise? Hiring personnel with those skills?

We need virtual late notes to make it like school

That's a significant amount!

welcome everyone! Thanks for joining in! It is indeed a packed classroom today

wow - I wouldn't expect that much movement from businesses

Question for Jason P.: Is security/encryption part of the IoT protocol, or is it up to the client and vendor to implement?

ha! good point @telewrtrliz

Hi from Tampa FL sorry I'm late

Good afternoon all! It looks like we've got a packed room today.

voice is good. no probolem


the audio is streaming now -- if you are having trouble, try refreshing your browser or try a different browser. Sometimes there is a delay for folks and that depends on your broadband connection

Good evening from Kenilworth, England, cloudy but dry at 21 degrees

if you aren't getting audio, try refreshing or check your volume

cloudy here but warm


Muggy again in North Carolina!

The city in first slide is Houston

Tlalnepantla, México. Sunny and raining evenings last days.

Quito, Ecuador....cloudy and cold..

thanks for the service!


lots of folks from all over the world today. Welcome!

Cloudy, Ft. Huachuca, AZ


WOW !!! Thanks for your service Jason


Overcast, hot and humid in RTP NC.

Are some people getting audio?  

Cloudy and relatively cool in NY

Philly, PA Hot and cloudy.


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St. Louis - humid and humider

Durango, CO.  90degrees


weather is cooler in the northeast..

listening from alexandria, va - almost 80 - but comfortable


Cloudy and 21 celcius in Brampton


Marlboro, NJ. Sunny 72F


Houston, Texas! It's clear skies, but give it an hour, and that'll change

Denver CO partly cloudy at 88 degrees.



Florida! 90 degrees today

Lake Forest Ca, and it is hot 


Knoxville...Sunny and beutiful here


Camas Washington, raining


Chicagoland...fog is clearing up!

Sunny and hot in Charlotte, NC


Listening in from British Columbia, Canada where it is sunny and cool (55ºF/12ºC)

Macon GA.  It's getting hot!

It is just about to rain in NYC!

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tuning in from Bangalore. a pleasant evening!

Is there audio? I don't hear anything. 

Hi Everyone from Houston Texas and from The Meriplex Family!!!!

If you're just tuning in, please download the slides from the link above the live chat!

Hello from Research Triangle Park NC.

Greetings! Excited to hear from Jason today

look foward to hearing Jason speak on this topic! already have my slides ready to follow along :)

Great to be here with everyone!

Good noon everybody, sun smiles here. Ready for the class

Getting started in 20! Go ahead and download the slides from the link above the live chat.

Looking forward to this chat!!

looking forward to hearing from Jason today.

This is a big-big deal no doubt it.

I've been looking forward to this presentation. :-)

Welcome, everyone! I'm looking forward to Jason's presentation this afternoon; can't wait for the discussion on the chat board!

Nice to be here with my fellow panelists!

Greetings & salutations all!

@Ariella last week, people were asking for Vodka instead of beer.....

Maybe they should offer beer instead of coffee here

Howdy. Light beer for everyone.

Security is one of my top concerns with IoT...it's also something that cannot really be separated from the larger concern of privacy. As seen with recent cases involving each Fitbit and Apple, security measures can only protect user information so far, once law enforcement is provided the ability to supercede it. Not sure if the inclusion of "backdoor" work-arounds is in the scope of this presentation; but, if so, I'm interested in how (or if) it's being accounted for when designing/implementing security from the ground up.

@Jason-The reason why I mentioned Android Specifically is because majority of IoT Devices will work with Android and Linux Software.

If we can't ensure they are patched and up to date(and Telecom Companies have a big role to play here);we have lost the Battle even before its started!

@Jason-Looking forwards to your talk here!

I was wondering how much of a role(do you feel) does Poor Patching Cycles play here?

Look at the case of Android for instance;Google pushes out Patches to various Devices as soon as they are ready but Handset Makers(like Samsung) & Telecom providers (like AT&T) delay the patches on various Devices.

Is'nt there room for you guys to step upto the Game here and Deliver?

Built-in security measures are going to be crucial for IoT to thrive - looking forward to hearing about security solutions from Jason!

We are so excited that Jason was able to join us again for an encore production of IoT: Tackling the Security Challenge! 

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