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Joe Stanganelli 6/1/2016 | 8:00:33 PM
Re: Key takeaway -- break down barriers @Sarah: I don't see it so much as a matter of the specific tech and more an issue of how it is deployed.  You can have IoT and still have silos.  It's more a matter of increasing the accessibility of the data as ubiquitously as you increase the data gathering itself.
inkstainedwretch 5/19/2016 | 8:18:55 PM
Knowledge as a service... ... has been an interesting proposal, but implementing it seems like a nightmare. Simply defining what KaaS is seems to be problematic for the people working in the field. After that, figuring out what constitutes knowledge and how knowledge can be fairly evaluated seems intuitively beyond the capabilities of even the largest cluster of supercomputers. Talk about aspirational goals.

-- Brian Santo
Mitch Wagner 5/19/2016 | 10:56:55 AM
Re: Making money from IoT - is Orange a leader? Driving efficiency seems possibly dangerously related to cost-cutting, something that never produces business growth. 
Mitch Wagner 5/19/2016 | 10:55:55 AM
Re: Open APIs I know that Margaret Chiosi of AT&T makes a point that open source trumps standards (which presumably include open APIs). Open source projects produce running code, while standards bodies produce PDFs. 
Mitch Wagner 5/19/2016 | 10:54:32 AM
Re: Evolving role of the CIO Exactly, so, and this mirrors a change we've seen in the enterprise. The CIO's role is not just to manage the technology, but to provide business value using technology. 
TeleWRTRLiz 5/19/2016 | 10:47:37 AM
Re: How advanced are telcos with their transformation programs? @Mari, I suspect we can say the same for all CSPs, not just cablecos and I think that's part of the trepidation on everyone's part. They are all afraid to get it wrong.
msilbey 5/19/2016 | 10:19:46 AM
Re: How advanced are telcos with their transformation programs? Having just come from INTX, the cable industry is going through a once-every-20-years type of transformation in network architecture. The decisions that cablecos make right now will have a major impact on their businesses for decades.
[email protected] 5/19/2016 | 8:59:13 AM
How advanced are telcos with their transformation programs? There's a lot of talk in general about digital transformation strartegies, but it's clear that operators are at wildly different stages in that process...

THere is a poll about this on the Telco Transformation community currently - the results look interesting...


Telco Transformation Report Card Poll


iainmorris 5/18/2016 | 3:00:30 AM
Evolving role of the CIO One thing that doesn't get talked about as much in this digital transformation process is how the role of the CIO is changing. A few years ago I recall there being a lot of interest in the evolving role of the CFO (not just in the telecom industry), as finance chiefs became more strategically important figures and not just people balancing the books. Are we seeing a similar thing happening with CIOs as digital transformation rises up the agenda? As some of the executives at this year's TM Forum Live! event were keen to point it, it's not just about making back-office improvements to reduce internal overheads but adding a huge amount of value from a service-proposition perspective. That's about as strategic as it gets.
iainmorris 5/18/2016 | 2:53:33 AM
Open APIs Vodafone's Lester Thomas was clearly on a mission to promote the Open APIs initiative and talk about its benefits. Question is, will this particular operator alliance be any more successful than efforts we've seen in the past? I spoke with Bengt Nordstrom of Northstream in Nice and he welcomed it as a 'good initiative' but said he had doubts it would change the overall direction operators were going in. And he's afraid that's towards commoditization and a less exciting role than many would really like to play.
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