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iainmorris 5/18/2016 | 2:50:00 AM
Re: Making money from IoT - is Orange a leader? Orange and Deutsche Telekom are the European players that really stand out to me, but there are some interesting differences in their approaches to transformation. Deutsche Telekom seems a lot more focused on efficiency improvements and "service agility" through its pan-net initiative, while Orange is clearly going after growth with its highlighting of mobile finance and IoT opportunities.
[email protected] 5/17/2016 | 10:55:57 AM
Making money from IoT - is Orange a leader? Orange has some serious taregts around driving new revenues from its IoT strategy -- is it far aead of most other traditional telcos? It seems to me that Orange has been dedictaing resources and R&D efforts in a more sustained way than many other operators, particularly in Europe (with DT being a key exception that springs to mind...)
[email protected] 5/17/2016 | 10:31:30 AM
Re: Telefonica, the business case, and good intentions And it willc hange constantly... such is the nature of the beast. Every year each operator will find what does and  does not work for themm and whether they have the staff that can adapt to change fast enough.
inkstainedwretch 5/16/2016 | 5:26:46 PM
Telefonica, the business case, and good intentions There isn't a service provider in the world that doesn't recognize the need to use this kind of rhetoric. It goes hand-in-hand with the SDNFV trend. SDN/NFV is the technology that makes a customer focus possible. But SDNFV is still a trend -- not a done deal. At least for a few more years, there will continue to be (a gradually narrowing) gap between what service providers fully intend to deliver and what they can deliver.
cnwedit 5/16/2016 | 3:59:02 PM
Re: Devops Seven,

Some of them have hired DevOps experts - I assume directors - and they claim to be making progress. 

I think the transition to doing their own software and not getting backup from vendors is going to be enormously interesting. I am already seeing vendors develop business plans around supporting open source and being the "backstop" for network operators. I'd expect to see those models evolve. 
brooks7 5/16/2016 | 3:45:29 PM
Re: Devops Carol,


When they start hiring Devops Directors and such...then progress will be made.  Until then, they will struggle.  Then Open Source can be implemented and things can move forward nicely.

Going to be interesting to see how they start writing their own software and stop buying any from vendors.


Mitch Wagner 5/16/2016 | 3:04:43 PM
Focus on business Telefónica is right to focus on business case. Too often virtualization discussions can start sounding like technology for technology's sake. Operators need to keep a business focus. 
Mitch Wagner 5/16/2016 | 3:04:29 PM
What everybody wants Orange wants "to be more powerful than its rivals" in IoT? Funny, that's what the rivals want too. Should make for an interesting market!
Mitch Wagner 5/16/2016 | 3:04:10 PM
Business opportunity If Huawei can deliver on its effort to reduce cost and help develop a cooperation model, the company will achieve great success.
Mitch Wagner 5/16/2016 | 3:03:51 PM
Getting benefit Digital operations is a classic area where carriers can benefit from open source and collaboration: They're essential to running the business but don't generate unique business value. 
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