Joe Stanganelli 5/3/2016 | 8:44:45 AM
The market's answer to pirates Important developments -- not only because of the revolutionary and still evolving nature of video delivery, but also because it will help cut down on piracy in the APAC region (similar to how P2P piracy took a big hit in the US once iTunes started selling mp3s of individual songs in an easily accessible and reasonably priced manner).
TV Monitor 5/2/2016 | 4:16:28 PM
Re: Great idea danielcawrey

I have read the terms of deal netflix offered to Asian telcos and content providers, and the locals gave netflix a finger. So netflix in Asia is operating with dearth of content compared to established rivals.

What Asian subcribers want is US market content available at the same time as they are available in the US, which cannot be done because of the requirement to be pre-cleared with local censors/regulators. This is easy to do with movies, but hard to do with original contents like the House Of Cards. Since viewers are not willing to wait 6 months for a clearance/approval + subtitles, they just turn to torrenting.

However, this doesn't mean the paid streaming model is dead in Asia, there are tons of imported content streaming market thriving in mainland China, demonstrating that Chinese(and other countries) viewers are willing to pay if they get the content at the same time as the country of origin. But this requires that the content must be precleared with local authorities and this raises a lot of logistics complications. 
TV Monitor 5/2/2016 | 4:06:59 PM
Netflix is a late comer in Asia The problem with Netflix in Asia is that it is a late comer in streaming game, and most of its original content is not available in Asia.

Furthermore, Netflix is banned in China, the biggest market of all.
sowen557 5/2/2016 | 12:41:08 PM
Re: Great idea Torrents?  Asia is hub for them.
danielcawrey 5/1/2016 | 2:34:34 PM
Great idea This is a great idea. While Netfilx is trying to expand worldwide, there is huge opportunity for localized streaming services. If these services are able to cater to local audiences exclusively, there is going to be a lot of revenue generated. Many of the prospective customers for these services will simply bypass pay TV, if they ever even paid for it at all. 
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