alanbreznick 5/3/2016 | 11:38:47 AM
Re: Ride for Rovi Maybe they should just go back to TV Guide. That seems to work pretty well for a long time. Or am I just dating myself?
msilbey 5/3/2016 | 10:29:30 AM
Re: Ride for Rovi No joke. I-Guide, J-Guide, anyone? I'm afraid there's still a lot of vitriol out there for the companies that Rovi once was. Monopolistic and litigation-heavy history.
Joe Stanganelli 5/3/2016 | 8:47:25 AM
Re: Disappointed I suspect that enough companies are working on their own competing and substantially differentiated video solutions that TiVo simply isn't that valuable a part of the equation for many of them.
Joe Stanganelli 5/3/2016 | 8:46:26 AM
Depressing? The depressing aspect of all this is that Instagram (Instagram!) sold for about the same amount of money a few years back.
danielcawrey 5/1/2016 | 2:32:21 PM
Re: Disappointed Seems like a sensible deal. I don't think TiVo would have survived on its own much longer – this is probably something that's been in the works for a while now. The fact that the companies will save $100 million as one entity is a great example of why this needed to get done. 
jbtombes 4/29/2016 | 6:48:15 PM
Ride for Rovi And what a ride it's been for Rovi, which has undergone more shape shifts than a T-1000. (Movie digression: The Terminator came out the same year at the Cotton Club, the first movie that used Macrovision's copy protection technology - 1984.) Rovi was nestled within Macrovision back then. After that came the IPO, the $1b market cap, acquisitions - esp. Gemstar TVGuide, divestments, mixed and repeated over several cycles. Someone should write a book.
bosco_pcs 4/29/2016 | 2:11:35 PM
Disappointed Thought TiVo would fetch a better premium. It could be a strategic product with a patent kick for the right suitor