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4/27/2016 | 6:07:39 PM
So 400+ C-level execs across a wide range of enterprises were surveyed about some indeterminate bundle of digital services. Maybe this poll needs some quality assurance? Looks like impressionistic results, at best. Agree that the analogy was off. Six sigma may work for manufacturing. Not here. This MOS-like golden-eye algorithm could fill a gap.
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4/27/2016 | 11:13:13 AM
I agree the comparison between the automotive industry and the networking services industry is not a direct analogy, and I suspect Page would probably agree too, for the reason you mention. The reason he brought it up -- and I think this is valid -- is to make the point that quality eventually becomes a key competitive ... er ... quality. Factor. Whatever.

--Brian Santo
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4/27/2016 | 9:22:49 AM
Control freaking
Brian -- As you note, the lack of control over the entire digital service chain is the Everest-sized hurdle here. The comparison to Japan's auto industry is off the mark a bit, since in that case the quality improvement was entirely manageable from within the organization. I wonder also if some of the mystery about "fixing the digital experience" stems from the fact that most executives running these companies didn't grow up in a digital environment.

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