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Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
4/24/2016 | 9:12:12 AM
"but that situation could always change under a future administration."

...Could, but won't any time soon.  I don't see any of the front runners on either side making that change.
4/22/2016 | 4:49:37 AM
Strategy as a Revolution
I recommend the article "Strategy as a revolution" from Harvard Busniess Review by Gary Hamel
4/21/2016 | 12:47:28 PM
Re: Shares sink
Mainly service provider although they have a presence in the enterprise market. As regards Huawei, it's true they are doing well in China and benefiting there from a wave of 4G investment by the telcos, but they're also doing well in other parts of the world (outside the US, of course), so a lot of it can't be attributed to China's economic growth. Most of the major European operators are working with Huawei in some form or other.
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
4/21/2016 | 12:39:55 PM
Re: Shares sink
IT and cloud? Does that mean enterprise IT and cloud, or service provider IT/cloud? If it's enterprise, is that a new market for Ericsson?

I wonder how much of Huawei's growth is riding on China's overall economic growth, and whether it is therefore unfair for investors to compare any non-Chinese company to Huawei? When you're business model is bringing a nation of 1 billion+ people from the 19th Century to the 21st in 40 years, that's a hell of a growth engine. 
4/21/2016 | 9:13:19 AM
Shares sink
Market has not reacted well - Ericsson's share price was down about 12.5% in Stockholm at 3.10pm local time.

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