EVP,Stra86854 4/20/2016 | 1:56:39 PM
Will Polycom lose market share? Polycom has been the endpoint of choice for most VoIP service providers.  However Mitel is a direct competitor with many of these and heading to compete with more.  I expect most current Polycom IP phone customers to shift to other suppliers rather than to support and purchase from a competitor.

I have to assume that the IP phone business of Polycom and sales to other service providers is able to be sacrrificed in order for Mitel to own Ploycom's devices and enhance thier own services.

I am disappointed to see the Polycom exit from the IP phone market,  They made a good phone.
jbtombes 4/18/2016 | 3:53:07 PM
Re: My money is on Rich McBee With Cisco ahead of you and Huawei behind you - at least in videononferencing and telepresence - bulking up seems an appropriate strategy. Elliot emphasized the Cisco threat in their letter last fall. I'm assuming McBee has some fight in him.
alangonchar 4/15/2016 | 12:50:58 PM
My money is on Rich McBee Since Rich McBee joined Mitel in January 2011 - Mitel revenue has doubled and they have been agressive in moving to the new "virtualized" future.

Without his leadership I doubt Mitel would even exist today.

This deal gives them a very strong UC offering on top of economies of scale.
[email protected] 4/15/2016 | 7:46:44 AM
Will everyone benefit? Elliott made a strong case for the combination based on market dynamics and economic health -- and of course, getting a deal that would suit its own finances.

But on a broader scale, is this positive for enterprise users and the market in general? Was consolidation necessary? Has Elliott done everyone (apart from those that will lose their jobs in post-merger cutbacks) a favor in forcing this?