iainmorris 4/4/2016 | 9:02:30 AM
Story updated to correct error This story has been updated since it was first published to say Huawei's carrier revenues were nearly a fifth higher than Ericsson's overall revenues in 2015, not a third higher, as previously indicated. Apologies for the mistake.
[email protected] 4/3/2016 | 11:53:42 PM
Re: Congratulation Huawei! Imagine if they made some profit in Europe.  It is very little at this point.  

Still don't see many Huawei handsets in the US.
R Clark 4/3/2016 | 11:48:09 PM
Re: Congratulation Huawei! I don't think they're going to get into the US with their carrier gear, especially with cybersecurity such an awkwardr US-China issue, but the North America handset market is would be a big focus for them.;
R Clark 4/3/2016 | 11:45:49 PM
Re: Congratulation Huawei! I didn't mention the enterprise group, but they had a good year, 44% growth, 28b yuan ($4.3n) in revenue.
R Clark 4/3/2016 | 11:44:01 PM
Re: Congratulation Huawei! Yes, the Americas is just 10% of total revenue.  

The 2016 guidance is pretty bullish, though. Now the China 4G binge is over will be a challenge to get growth out of the carrier business.
danielcawrey 4/3/2016 | 4:27:34 PM
Re: Congratulation Huawei! Not staying focused on the Chinese market has really boosted Huawei's profits. I would expect them to continue to put pressure on the US market to use the company's products. 

And I think if they continue to lobby for entry into US markets, they will eventually win. 
[email protected] 4/3/2016 | 3:15:51 AM
Re: Congratulation Huawei! Great work, but what about Enterprise BG, the third Huawei business?
sowen557 4/1/2016 | 7:10:30 PM
Congratulation Huawei! Imagine if they had entry into US Market?
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