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Which are the main challenges SDN/NFV present to your OSS/BSS?

Is AT&T self service portal driving any changes on the OSS/BSS platforms?

Di you experiece any positive or negative impact on the after sales support, after launching the network on demand services?

Slide 7: What is an AT&T integrated cloud node?

Slide 5: I would add the software vendors to the equipment vendors.

R&D will continue until the company is ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. The tech improves so quickly that making a major decision without the latest data could cost a company significant capital.

With the amount of M&A occuring, in the the end how many major cloud infrastrycture players do you expect there in the end

Thank you for this presentation

Poll 1: Research & Dev stage


One of the key parameters of the Telco Transformation towards Digital Service Providers is the new skills required in the areas of Digital Services, Software, IT, Big Data Analyutics, Cloud.   So, Upskilling and/or re-skilling of the workforce is of paramount importance.    AT&T has done and is doing a great job in the area.


@Josh:  Ref:  Learnings from Network on Demand -->    One Team: Think holistically – structure, leads, tools, processes, KPIs 

With a quarter million workforce (many should be from the TDM network world) spread globally, hope this is a big cultural shift than just retraining (and reskilling)!  Look forward to lessons learned by the leader in the ongoing transformation in the coming sessions :)


@Josh: It will be interesting to know the adoption rate (and insights) over months after the customer facing service creation porta of "Network On Demand" services have become live?

@Josh, excellent presentation, your reskilling initiative is commendable, can you elaborate more on nano degree program  in any other future session?

@Joe: Interesting example in your comments w.r.t looking at problems as opportunities :)


listening offline from Bangalore!

I would also be interested in knowing about how bad the skills gap is in larger orgainzations like this! 

Hi Josh, thanks for the class. Do you think that Telcos like AT&T would be able to re-train their workforce to work in the new virtualized network or do you think that new resources, skills are needed? Or is there a mix where some resources are retrained and new resources are brought in?

Hi Josh, thanks for the class. Do you think that Telcos will leverage virtualized technologies to deliver Telco services combined with Partner solutions/capapbilities or will Telcos just source solutions from partners and integrate into the their platform?

Stockholm, Sweden with sunshine!

@tiggerho0 great points! There are certainly a lot of factors at play in the business case...timing, partnerships, etc. Josh made a good point that it's no longer about the "if," but the "when."

would be good if the experience of multi-vendor implementation is also presented here


the drivers and motivations would be different for different size operators

wonder if the size of the service provider is a factor in the biz case or is it more of a case of timing (as an early adopter to reap cost benefits vs a laggard for a easy path to NFV)


nice reference story from big telco


@Faisal - Good question re: DEVEOPs...remind us to ask it during the next course!

Thanks Josh, it was really a wonderful session

Is DEVEOPs easy to implement in the telco environment ?

Next time Josh or any operator talks, we want to know more about how they are pursuing the DEVEOPs model ?


Gents on this forum, I want to ask you in the new scheme of things what certifications and skills would be needed for employees, Do CCNA/CCIE are wanted certications any longer ?

The operators need to learn form what AT&T is doing right now. They seem to be at a much advanced stage compared to any other operator I have seen


Its quite interesting to know that you are virtualizing not only the customer location routers but also the Provider edge

From virtualization perspective, we are in R&D phase


Thanks Josh for the excellent lecture


Thanks again, Josh! Excellent lecture and the corresponding slides were very helpful!

The question was about working in an office rather than at home. Talent that can't relocate, is caring for kids or elders, has disabilities?


@Josh  totally agree on the importance of bringing people together via video At first video is awkward but then you get used to it and you start to miss it when you can't see your colleagues faces

Good point on the collocation and the impact on the talent pool.  We chose to use a few key locations (actually 3) as our centers of gravity.  In those locations, we use video conferencing to connect to each other so it feels like we are in the same room.  This is one way to bring people together.  There is no magic to this, however it does make innovating easier. 

Yes, others should look consider AT&T's example if they are to even have a chance at competing in the future, even pre Worplace 2020.  The change is happening daily and younger generations learn through action that change is contant. They expect it.

Mark your calendars for Monday's course with Professor Nick Feamster, Princeton University, at 1pm ET. We'll see you all then!

A huge thank-you to Josh for today's lecture and for your excellent insight into industry transformations! Thanks, listeners, for attending today's lecture!

What a great class today and I definitely will listen again...

Josh great statement "giving our people the tools they need to evolve their skills."

Building on my question from earlier... doesn't collocation tend to reduce your available talent pool? Why is physical location even important anymore?

Back to upskill..We have over 1M nano degrees that have been earned by AT&T employees through our internal education program.  Not every company will have the same resources that AT&T has in this area, however everyone should be thinking about how we are giving our people the tools they need to evolve their skills. 

@Josh way to mention #Upskill

@Duh good one -- I imagine that will happen somewhere down the road -- but pretty far out though

Great question tied to what this means for network engineers - I did not talk much about the "re-skilling" part of the transformation.  This is foundational and has been a big focus for AT&T.  My sense is that those that do not embrace the change and find ways to upskill, will have a hard time.  We are investing in our people for this reason.  I know our customers are doing the same.

learning new things, retraining, etc.

Does Josh envision white box core routers?


@TeleWRTRLiz - Thanks!


@Kelsey & @Daniel I think skill set changes are what's in store for network engineers.

@John you are the question man today! Thanks so much. See you next time.

How much percentage of SD-WAN would be their on ATT NW, What is their strategy for SD-WAN



No more questions from me, Kelsey. Thank you for the seminar.

@Josh here is a good one from the msg board: I would imagine that the transition to an all-IP network would need to be planned very carefully. My question is: How do you support customers while phasing out older networks?

@Josh Question from @daniel: Interesting thoughts on software and white box solutions, couldn't agree more. I wonder what that's going to mean for network engineers? Thanks!

Hi, What is AT&T business case for SDN?

Thanks!! It was a great session!


Just on the Provider Edge use case how is the business case looking since SW cannot match HW in throughput


Looking forward to seeing additional and specific virtualization product offerings.

Interesting thoughts on software and white box solutions, couldn't agree more. I wonder what that's going to mean for network engineers? Thanks!

Any more questions for Josh?

thanks.  good preso


yes, really excellent! I'm looking forward to the web chat! Keep those questions coming

very informative, thank you

Thanks to Josh and Kelsey and the rest of the team for a great show!

Thank you for the presentation!

excellent presentation Josh!

Software can improve utilization of the hardware, of course.

I think the industry has moved out  of the hype and is between the disillusionment and fulfillment

How do you apply Network on Demand for wholesale customers vs Retail ones?

What is 75% a percentage of? # of network elements, or infrastructure $$ spend, or something else?

Does the Gartner "Hype-Disappointment-Fulfillment Curve" apply to the movement to virtualization/NFV/SDN?  If not, why?  If so, where are we on the curve?

Long distance learning, service delivery, and virtual learning labs are already being developed for healthcare professionals.  Any insights, links to leaders in this field?

HAH!  "virtually everybody is in that stage"  Pun intended?

@TeleWRTRLiz ("Looks like a lot of folks in R&D stage"): I think that mirrors the market right now in general, no?

Looks like a lot of folks in R&D stage


Are the business cases for high throughput virtual PE looking positive for AT&T?

@JohnGordon -- this definitely makes sense. It can't be for everyone

Thanks for addressing my question..

The opportunity of enabling self-service as virtualization is rolled out can be very attractive to some customers, but not so attractive to others. As a smaller company, self-service is attractive to us because of anticipated speed and hopefully lower prices.

Hope that Form 8-K gets filed soon then on where AT&T is in 2016.  :)

Parts of the networks are in both categories.

Research and development phase

R&D.  Although I aver that you can be in both stages at the same time.  The process should be a cycle, not linear, IMHO.

is ATT selling its SDN product/solution to other CSP? What is the name of the product?

On the front line of operations, the change from hardware to software is very intimidating and conspiracy theories about their future abound.

"If you frame them as opportunities, I've found that you're gonna be much more successful than if you frame them as problems." - Josh

Reminds me of a story I heard a few months ago.  A shoe company sends its top salesman to a third-world country on the other side of the world.  The salesman wires back after a couple of weeks, "The opportunity is terrible!  Nobody wears shoes here!"

After a month, they bring him back -- and send their second-top salesman.

After a couple of weeks, the salesman wires back, "The opporunity is amazing!  Nobody wears shoes here!"

Is virtualization and network de-aggregation mean the same to AT&T?

@JG I think it's a good question.

I hope this isn't a silly question, but why is the goal only 75% of the network?

I like the first rule a lot

Compensation models are a big part, to be sure. Make or break, sometimes.

Why colcation rather than virtual workgroups and telecommuting?


The AT&T network example really helped demonstrate the high-level value virtualization provides. Thanks for sharing that.

Cooling servers/infrastructure is very expensive. Cloud computing allows computer hardware to be more efficiently used, so as not to have too many servers requiring cooling.

the rate of growth will also determine the purchase of more hardware to deliver the services from software, whether software is managing the hardware or not. virtualization addresses the need to manage the hardware, but the pace of growth now forces us to development new strategies to stage new hardware so that it can be managed by the virtualization


is att moving forward with alspects of virtualization, systen. memory, storage, etc  and does att utlize cloning?

Ah I have heard of Domain 2.0 – must have slipped that I didn't know the name of it!

Indeed, at a tech conference I attended earlier this year where cloud and virtualization were big topics, colocation was talked about frequently as being the new solution -- especially in environments where data-sharing is imperative (such as healthcare, life sciences, etc.).

Domain 2.0 is AT&T's initative to virtualize 75% of it's network by 2020...We've covered it a lot on Light Reading

@dfperson - this strikes me as a good question. Does the cloud model use less energy? Do the servers cost a lot to run?

STILL HAVING TROUBLE LISTENING?  Press refresh one last time and it should now load. 


What impact will virtualization have on the environment? It could reduce energy costs, right?

AT&T has a handle on it on virtualization rollout. Impressive. I used to work for them, was a good experience.

Is the US network infrastructure (as a whole) ahead or behind the rest of the world? I heard that places like South Korea have very advanced infrastructure, are they using a lot of cloud technology?

Would AT&T allow other Cloud NFV Networks to connect to it to use their services to their customers ?

@s_withrow: All of them.  ;)

I'm more concerned about other nations, though.  Mitch Wagner wrote a good piece a while back on how a SDN testbed that was a partnership with Google and academia had to be pulled out of New Zealand and moved to Australia and California because of New Zealand's unworkable regulatory environment for virtualization.  http://www.lightreading.com/carrier-sdn/sdn-technology/surveillance-law-drives-sdn-test-from-new-zealand-andndash-reports/a/d-id/714083

Please.  This is Cisco.  And AT&T.  Can we get a connection, pleaes?

Does AT&T stand out from other providers by going for a homogenous cloud platform?

Great questions @Mat @Brian

I've had the same question as @cresloga for quite some time.  Very much hope that gets answered.  :)

In the meantime, as I workout the technical difficulties on my end, could someone let me know what slide we're presently on?  Thanks.  :)


IMPACT, sorry for the typo.

From a Telecom Provider point of view what percentage of the network Infrastructure will be virtualized and what would some older technologies be left behind in this move ?

The hardware will also be the limit to excepted capacity design, how does software over come this physical limitation?

@brian- i am assuming that's the primary permise behind virtualization??? Hardware onpremise need not scale with software

The page will not load (re-load). Even switched browsers. Hence no audio, no webinar.

Not good.  Not.

I m from Knata, Ottawa, Canada

Thank you, Josh and Kelsey, for addressing my question.

What roadblocks, if any, will the FCC put up?


Network equipment vendors emphasized until recently their boxes were custom manufactured including ASICS to optimize functionality and boost performance. This new paradigm seems to return back to the general purpose hardware platforms. Can you please comment the performance imact.

what is the current % of network virtualization achieved by AT&T? hearing from the 75% target by 2020.

How can we assume virtualization will scale in the software –centric  strategy with the pace of growth

virtualization will never removing the limited constants of hardware capacity

greenmail777 chrome works well


@jgoodman-cybersecurity does not get affected much by virtualization currently

refresh and logout/in did not work. Launching in different browser


Good questions John! Anyone else have a question for Josh?

You have to log back in.


Refresh made audio work.


Does the demand come at a cost to cybersecurity?

yep, logging out and back in got it started

@Joe re: Mamet -- so very interesting :) His use of language is oh so verry unique.

same, operation times out


what are your questions for Josh?

Audio working for me now

Logged back in and audio is now working.


It's fascinating to me how, at one time, decentralization was the answer to accessibility and removing bottlenecks -- and now, cyclical as these things tend to be -- centralization is the key to accessibility once again thanks to technologies like the web, virtualization, the cloud, and more.


Virtualization changes things dramatically for most it enterprises.

Refresh and you'll hear audio!

Question: The idea of resilience in the face of corporate mergers is an extraordinary goal for a telecom or a corporate telecom department, in that it straddles more than one "responsibility zone." You touched upon how to sell virtualization, if I read your slides correctly, but could you elaborate on how this logical yet politically elusive goal can be achieved?

Soon, soon you will hear us!

I tihnk I hear the Jeopardy theme music.

it seems to be very timely information, i think all top 10 company's are going through transformation to virtualization and employee resources. i hear from management frequently use these terms


@Michelle: Very much so, Michelle.  Although I had seen the film version of Oleanna before, and had also seen Wag the Dog (which I didn't know at the time that Mamet was involved in writing -- although word on the street is he was unhappy with Hollywood meddling and how it turned out), I was initially turned on to Mamet when I saw a mediocre student production of Glengarry Glen Ross in college.  I remember being blown away at how language could be employed so truthfully and so genuinely on stage; I had never before observed anything like it in the theatre.

Bonus fact: I sat across the aisle from Mamet himself at a Cambridge production of his Romance.  I was too chicken to say hi or anything, though.  But I knew it was him; he has a very distinctive look.  Also, he and I were the two people laughing the loudest and the most.

"Can you hear me , NOW?"

@ahajivadni There is no video today. Audio only.

so sorry folks but hang in there. Working on it.

I dont even have video !?

just reviewing the presentation, i'm excited to learn more

Folks, we are having technical problems with the audie. Hang in there

In the meantime - send in your questions for Josh and we'll kick off shortly!

@jkvochick There is no audio yet

They're working on audio. Technical difficulties.


Don't see this started..

Is there audio and I'm not hearing it?


@Joe you're a Mamet fan, eh?

Hi Joe. Nice to see you. It's Friday so that's pretty good.

where to listen? not working

Should NEVER feed Gremlins after midnight ...  :)


@Stefan: "Never admit you can type." -- from David Mamet's State and Main

Hi, guys!  How's it going?  I ran a few minutes behind today myself, so the delay is a-okay with me.  ;)

@Dan sudio should begin to play automatically. They may be having issues with the conferencing line.

OK, thanx for the feedback!


Apologies for the technical difficulties! We are working on it!

Maybe Josh can type the course :)


Are we supposed to be hearing/seeing something?  

@awgill it's not just you. Audio isn't playing yet...

I also have that problem - zilch audio


The audio player has magically appeared. 

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@Stefan yes, those slides.

IS it the AT&T slides ???


Actually there are SLIDES! you can download them. Josh will be going through them


Good afternoon everyone!  Remember to turn up your volume on the computers.  At the top of the hour an audio player will pop up on your screen.  If you don't see it, try to press F5 to refresh your screen. Remember, there's no slides for this it's just a discussion, so be sure to post your questions, comments and thoughts on the message boards and we will join you on the chat after the audio stream. 

I hadn't thought before about how virtualization is more resilient in the face of corporate mergers.

@cameron the designations are based on how many times you have posted on all the LR sites 

Where does one find the operational definitions of the various categories such as "Light Beer",etc

Josh will be referencing slides during the presentation - download the slide deck from the link above the live chat!

Yes, @Michell! Everyone don't forget to download the slides!

Beautifully designed slides today

Thanks for joining us @gliptak

Great question, @dfperson !


I would imagine that the transition to an all-IP network would need to be planned very carefully. My question is: How do you support customers while phasing out older networks?

@michelle yes, call me Liz. I think it could be noisier -- don't you? 

I'm ready to learn about webifying [the network].

Welcome to the lecture @Michelle

Hello TeleWRTRLiz (can I just call you Liz?)

False. Not quite a packed house, but it is a little noisy. 

@cameron, I like it. Hi @michelle!

Greetings all. Nice to see a packed house. 

WELL, here's #3. How many for you?

@cameron only two and no more? howz come? Josh has been running Network on Demand at AT&T so I suspect you will think of a few good questions for him. 

geewis...could that be why there are a number of "raa-raa-simboombaa posts?

that's two for me and maybe no more?

Josh will be referencing slides during the presentation - dowload the slide deck from the link above the live chat!

@cameron yes: comment five times per class for six classes and you'll graduate cum laude see our FAQ for more info. 

@Cameron Thanks for joining us!

@cameron great idea on the glossary of terms!

Did I read correctly, that each participant needs to post five times to be acknowledged?

Having a link to a glossary of terms and acronyms would be useful.

Just downloaded the slides. Looking forward to the lecture!

Don't forget to download Josh's slides (see above - Special Education Materials) so you can follow along with the lecture!

Going live at 1pm ET! What questions do you have for Josh?

Looking forward to today's class. 

You'll want to download Josh's slide deck for the lecture - see the "Special Education Materials" section to access the download.

I would like to understand the features customers find more attractive on AT&T NoD services.  Are there analytics available to baseline customer experience?

Do you know if Josh will be touching on the recent ECOMP announcement by ATT?

Intersting to look inside the web gaints and determine if medium - small business might be able to utilize the giants operating philopsy to transform business. 

@Faisal, Yes, Josh has excellent insight on the why and the how to implement virtualization.

It would be good to know from the experience of AT&T here, as they are really leader in vision of virtualization

Looking forward to know more about the Devops

@Michelle - Yes, this course will help with those buzzwords and new acronyms! We'll also learn about cultural transformations in the industry.

This should be a good time to learn the meaning behind all the buzzwords - DevOps, Agile...

Can't wait to hear Josh's insight on these web-scale giants!

Josh is always a great speaker. For some insight into Network on Demand, you can listen to a few radio shows on The New IP where Josh talked about the service: Check out Virtual Reality: AT&T's Network on Demand.

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