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3/29/2016 | 7:03:58 PM
Re: The merits
Joe, I want referring to the the monopolistic nature of of Ma Bell in my reincarnation dream, but in the innovation and offshoot benefit potential of Bell Labs.

I just look at the data and infrastructure that carriers have and see a missed opportunity for a slew of innovation and product.
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
3/27/2016 | 11:39:07 AM
Re: The merits
Fun counterargument: The nice thing about the disaggregation of these resources is it helps to prevent a Ma Bell 2.0. ;)

But your point is well taken.  I'm not entirely sure competition prevents this innovation, however.
3/26/2016 | 5:09:45 PM
Re: The merits
Joe, some companies have a DNA of cooperation and others have a spirit of doing their least to cooperate, and unfortunately the history of carriers is that they will do the least they can do.

This puts paid to the idea of creating a flexible sructure and requires mandates. The problem with mandates is that they are hard to change and don't really evolve with time, and therefore lose their value with the progress of time and the market.

Just take a look at how many "mandates" are on the books hogging resources with little current value. Take USF as an example: if it were created with a vague mandate to bring universal connectivity, it would have obviously evolved into bringing universal broadband. Instead we have a fund and a mandate plagued with problems and at this point is achieving little.


Its unfortunate because if the telco community had the DNA of cooperation and community resposibility, they could be involved in greating great things and having something like a Bell Labs 2.0
3/26/2016 | 4:04:01 PM
Sponsored Data
Sponsored Data is a classic ad supported model. Ad supported models are used in all types of media today (as you pointed out broadcast TV). Print media is dying because the paid model alone can't support it as advertisers have left print media. We are in the middle of an ad-blocking debate for online advertising, where online publishers are arguing that if consumer block ads, they don't have a right to get content for free anymore. 

So why does sponsored data get treated any different? It shouldn't. Consumers who are reaching the limits of what they can spend on mobile data can access more mobile data via ad-supported social contract -- Sponsored Data. 

More on market drivers and challenges for sponsored data in my blog post here http://bit.ly/1Rv4KYS
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
3/26/2016 | 9:44:38 AM
Re: Ugh
@msilbey: Yes, better to save that data for when you need to catch up on Game of Thrones while taking mass transit.  ;)
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
3/26/2016 | 9:42:34 AM
Re: The merits
Re: "Which effectively means that any undefined rule will basically be tested and abused to the limit."

While not entirely inaccurate, that's a rather harsh way of putting it, no?  It is only economically rational to obey the regulations and not do much else.  After all, if speed-limit signs said "just not too fast," they would be almost entirely unenforceable.

So, yes, if you're a regulator, you regulate -- and if you fail to regulate or specify something, then you're essentially leaving it for the lawyers.
3/23/2016 | 4:36:27 PM
The merits
As a net neutrality proponent I agree that there's a more nuanced argument for the support of a better implementatiton of sposored data, which in its former name of oll data highlighted the value of this model a bit better, as we all appreciated the value of 800 numbers business model.

However seeing as it a nuanced argument, I can't see carriers getting it right, as they're prone to acting like a bull in a china shop where they even bring their own china. Which effectively means that any undefined rule will basically be tested and abused to the limit.

There may be a formula similar to the affordable housing approach in larger cities or carbn ofsets, where based on the amount of sponsored data X amount is set aside for unsponsored free data, which would be set aside in a formula for PSC, NGO as well as startups with vrious limits based on revenue, funding stages or something similar.

Years ago I was building something and we were in deperate need for sponsored roaming data, so I appreciate that there's a place for this..
3/23/2016 | 11:21:46 AM
Re: Ugh
That does kind of sound fair, but on the other hand, my neighbor called me about the eagle cam yesterday telling me I should share it with my daughter. I pulled it up on my phone, and then thought twice about staring at birds that might push my data cap over the limit. 
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
3/23/2016 | 11:19:44 AM
I dunno... If someone is using their phone (and therefore presumably doing so while they're "on the go") to stream ambient video of animals, maybe they should be punished.  ;)

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