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User Rank: Light Beer
3/25/2016 | 12:37:58 PM
No technical reason

 I guess the author missed the main essence of the topic. He should address question, what are the drawbacks of LTE which 5G is solving or promised to solve. 

User Rank: Light Beer
3/24/2016 | 1:29:29 PM
Re: 5G - Smart'er' communication
'nuff said - you got it.  Virtualization, SDN & NFV - need all these components if we are all going to be successful and productive as we move forward.
User Rank: Light Sabre
3/24/2016 | 1:24:07 PM
Re: 5G - Smart'er' communication
Where's the value? 5G is not just about speed, whcih makes for more interesting stories. Much of its value prop lies in (and depends upon) virtualization and SDN. 
User Rank: Light Beer
3/24/2016 | 12:30:54 PM
5G - Smart'er' communication
Agree with your article. 
Although, 2020 was an original number for 5G rollout at the Olympics in Korea...  Now, we have Verizon stating that they will start rolling out 5G in 2017. We will see....
Because of that, AT&T has now jumped into the fray after sitting on the fence dithering as to what to do; they plan to work with Ericsson & Intel for this endeavor.
Either way, in any year, there does have to be value in it for everyone, especially the providers of this new thing. It is going to boil down to who can bring 5G to market the fastest now, globally - and there are a good number of competitors out there.

As Dan Jones indicated in his posting - I want my jet pack too.  And I want my jet pack to talk to my smart'er' watch, and my smarter car, and my smarter tablet, etc...
User Rank: Blogger
3/22/2016 | 11:57:30 AM
Can we know yet?
I definitely think the sheer power promised by 5G could lead to some applications and use cases we haven't even imagined yet.

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