Paul93380 3/27/2016 | 6:31:20 AM
what ? oh what ???
Sterling Perrin 3/21/2016 | 5:00:17 PM
Re: POTS has Matured The market is still growing but the growth rate has come down alot since this debuted in 2007-2008. It is no longer high double digits but has come down to single digits growth. So that was my comment about having matured. 

Slicing further within POTS, yes, the OTN switched portion is a growth area. This is more confined to core networks, not aggregation networks.

jbtombes 3/21/2016 | 12:22:04 PM
Re: POTS has Matured Peaked but still growing = rate of growth begins declining?
viper99 3/19/2016 | 4:03:56 PM
Re: POTS has Matured How can a "market has peaked" yet "still growing"? Also what basis are you saying OTN hasn't taken off in the Metro or that P-OTS hasn't taken off in APAC? Look at the largest market in APAC - China. They have deployed massive amount of OTN switching in the Metro. CTC Shanghai has the largest Metro network in China and its all OTN switching. CMCC is focusing its centralized OTN switching tenders just in the Metro this year. Most of the new boxes deployed for China today are P-OTS already. Outside of China, many in South East Asia is deploying P-OTS. Even India there has been public OEM announcements that suggest OTN switching and P-OTS. Japan is probably the only region where OTN/P-OTS has not taken off - yet. P-OTS deployment is just ramping - not maturing.
sowen557 3/18/2016 | 7:56:26 PM
Re: POTS has Matured What???
Sterling Perrin 3/18/2016 | 1:31:29 PM
POTS has Matured To clarify a bit, most of my comments were really aimed at the packet-optical transport systems market in general, and not specific to the 6500 T. Overall, the P-OTS class has peaked and, while still growing, the global growth has slowed dramatically. It's a mature segment. Ciena will do very well with this product, at the expense of the unseated incumbents Coriant and Fujitsu at Verizon, but that doesn't indicate that overall spend is sky rocketing.

The headwinds against P-OTS in general:

Sonet/SDH spend has withered, so there is not much more there for POTS to take away.

DCI is a pure-play WDM trend, so packet-optical integration doesn't seem needed.

As noted in the article, Asia-Pacific operators never really went after this type of product. They've favored layer 2/3 switch/PTN products from the beginning, and that will continue. 

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