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3/18/2016 | 9:42:08 AM
Re: What an awful artifact
This would make for a really good interior design challenge: create furniture or accessories that double as IoT relays. I'm sure mounted moose heads would be a big hit in some parts of the world, for instance.
[email protected]
3/18/2016 | 6:20:48 AM
Re: What an awful artifact
TB... If you had been to my house you would see that lamps can very easily get a lot uglier than that....
3/18/2016 | 3:54:21 AM
What an awful artifact
A lamp can hardly get uglier than this -- and no, it is not a matter of personal taste. My sympathies for 5,000 Orange employees...

If such a lamp in my appartment is what it takes -- I prefer no coverage.


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