kq4ym 3/27/2016 | 4:12:34 PM
Re: Exploding landline phone? That scenario might make for an interesting sitcom. Who knows, a spy/crime drama with an exploding phone at the center of the plot might just explode in the ratings?
kq4ym 3/25/2016 | 10:12:41 AM
Re: Makes sese to me Yes, it's not going to help much when the connecting wires to the phone burn and crash. Now maybe an indestructible phone might have been just the thing 30 years ago when pay phones were on every block, but I can't see the demand today. I just don't get it.
Duh! 3/18/2016 | 3:00:46 PM
Re: Exploding landline phone? No, but a garden variety landline phone in a "Hazardous Location" could definitely explode.  "Hazardous Location" as in a fertilizer plant or a paint spray booth.

Some of our industry jargon would seem pretty funny to an EHS person or an electrical inspector.
dcharlap 3/17/2016 | 2:55:11 PM
Makes sese to me I don't think anyone's worried about a bomb in the phone, but there are some very dangerous parts of the world.  If you have a building in a location where a bombing is a distinct possibility, and you need to have a phone there that will survive such bombing then a product like this sounds like a good idea.


Of course, it won't help unless the data and power lines attached to the phone are also bomb-proof....
Wireless80628 3/17/2016 | 2:34:36 PM
Exploding landline phone? I had no idea that landline phones were prone to spontaneous combustion!
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