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3/25/2016 | 10:07:34 AM
Re: CORD & Mobile Edge Computing(MEC)
Does anyone see VR and 360 video becoming the next big thing? It seems to me it's at this time more hpye from the device manufacturers and start up services hoping to become the YouTube of VR video. Looking at those it still seems there little interest and not yet much content other than some novelty uses that have become at least short term viral product.
3/20/2016 | 7:31:58 AM
Re: CORD & Mobile Edge Computing(MEC)
Gabriel,  I'm thinking that Edge Computing is a secondary benefit/application of CORD.  The primary being a long over do overhaul of the access network.  
3/20/2016 | 7:20:32 AM
VR Bandwidth Requirements Overstated
The 25 times bandwidth requiurement is overstated.  It's only applicable to the high end niche market such as full immersive 360 FOV room scale systems.   

See this post and comments.


Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown
3/17/2016 | 4:09:06 AM
Re: CORD & Mobile Edge Computing(MEC)
Agreed -- there are clearly links between CORD, Mobile CORD (M-CORD), MEC and NFV. It is logical to consider them variants of the same thing: Edge Computing.

I have research project underway on this topic. I'm interested to hear from people with a perspective on it.
3/16/2016 | 8:36:06 PM
CORD & Mobile Edge Computing(MEC)
I think CORD(or MEC) area is not confined to 5G. In addition to 5G, all area for NFV must consider CORD architecture(or Platform). It's very important for NFV innovation how to deploy(configure) CORD architecture. Above all, I think telco service provider must consider how to.

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