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2/23/2016 | 12:14:44 PM
Re: Is this the relationship model of the future?
Way back in 2010 Amazon was just shifting amazon.com retail onto AWS. There was at least one good AWS outage annually for a few years. Then it seems to have stabilized. As for ERIC, the model of a matchmaker or sherpa for service providers seems about right. I've heard that other enterprises migrating to AWS haven't really gotten the concierge treatment they expected. Bezos may perfer to outsource that role to others. 
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2/22/2016 | 7:50:47 AM
Is this the relationship model of the future?
In 2010, who would have thought this would be happening?

Amazon is the #1 public cloud provider and it has teamed up with Ericsson to reach the telcos.

That suggests that AWS and the telcos hadn't managed to get it together directly.... the 'matchmaker' was needed.

I can see that matchmaker role happening more and more and not just in the cloud space -- -some relationship brokering could help make some headway in the video content delivery market, for example....

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