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Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas
2/3/2016 | 10:03:43 AM
Re: tech outcomes
Hi Gargi! Thank you for your comment and for the excellent Mentor Monday interview with Liz. That's great to hear about your experience finding a balance between being a mom and contracting as a technical product manager. It sounds like that was a really effective way to accomplish both in a way that let you keep your skill sharp and transition back to full time when you were ready. I'm impressed that your company enabled this and/or you forged this path on your own.
2/3/2016 | 8:29:58 AM
Yes, I can see how women are more of problem solvers than men and that is what gets them motivated and going strong.
2/3/2016 | 2:33:57 AM
Re: tech outcomes
Thanks, Sarah - agreed.

Yes, I'm one of those women that depended on the paycheck, too, given that I was a single parent for quite some time. I was fortunate to have an upbringing that taught me to be self-sufficient, so that I could support myself if I ever needed to.

I also chose to forego full-time work and promotions for several years, so I could be soccer coach and library mom to my only son - all while contracting as a technical product manager.

Technical careers can also offer flexibility unlike man other jobs/vocations and it's important for women to also understand the freedom that these careers can offer.

- Gargi Mitra Keeling
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas
2/1/2016 | 1:00:29 PM
tech outcomes
I don't necessarily agree that most women have a choice whether to stay in the workforce, as many depend on that paycheck, but most do have a choice what career path to pursue -- and whether to stick with a particularly challenging one when balancing the demands of family. She makes a good point there.

I also agree in the idea of not promoting technology for tech's sake, but for the outcomes it can enable. That will be key to attracting young people, and women in particular, into the comms industry.

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