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User Rank: Light Beer
1/28/2016 | 7:34:28 PM
Anything More Than Anecdotes and Supposition?
Interesting topic, but I'm trying to figure out if there's anything here.
  • there's a comment that industry insiders think a Clinton administration would be friendlier towards ZTE and Huawei, but no actual reference to anyone actually saying this
  • given the current polls, wouldn't the right focus be on a Sanders aministration?
  • there's a suggestion that Huawei is growing its US presence, but current staffing (in one single office) and open posiiton levels aren't compared to any time in the past
  • the most obvious argument for a thawing towards Huawei and ZTE in the US (the lack of another, viable 3rd vendor in the RAN space) isn't mentioned at all

While everyone is interested in the progress that Huawei and ZTE might make in penetrating new markets, I'm not sure what to make of these anecdotes...or am I missing some data points that point to trends rather than singular events or facts?
User Rank: Light Sabre
1/28/2016 | 6:55:39 PM
Re: Get it back on ice
YES,  it is a very real possibility.  As is Hillary Clinton being indicted.  Just stick that into google to see...
User Rank: Blogger
1/28/2016 | 5:10:26 PM
Re: Get it back on ice
I alluded to that in the story, sorry if it was too subtle! You think Trump will actually be president, or will follow anything he promised in the primaries anyway?
User Rank: Light Sabre
1/28/2016 | 5:00:42 PM
Get it back on ice
President Trump is NOT going to create a more friendly atmosphere for Chinese companies.  Just the OPPOSITE.

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