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Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner,
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1/28/2016 | 7:15:21 PM
Re: you need to add context to the question in the title
Exactly. Juniper needs to specialize, and DCI is a good place to focus. 
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1/28/2016 | 12:35:03 PM
Re: you need to add context to the question in the title
Although they claim that they are not trying to create an optical business with BTI, a serious consideration for JNPR is to acquire someone in the optical space that has a strong optical product line. A company that comes to mind is INFN. That would immediately place them in new growth markets that would help increase sales.  
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1/28/2016 | 12:12:29 PM
you need to add context to the question in the title

Is it enough for what?

Is it enough to make Juniper the size of Nokia?  No.  The question is that the destiny of Juniper.  There are going to be a small number of mega vendors and some specialist vendors.  Even now we probably have too many mega vendors.  So, the strategic question to Juniper is be acquired or become a specialist?  Well, they are the same answer.  The only effective way to be acquired is to be the king of something important.  Otherwise, in the long term you will lose.  For Alcatel-Lucent, that special thing was their IP division (who would have thought that TiMetra was the thing of value).  Being a mid-sized broad player is the slow boat to irrelevance.



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