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1/29/2016 | 6:55:00 PM
Cost and profits?
Hollywood financing is commonly perceived to be an endeavor as creative as filmmaking itself. I've seen estimates (that are a few years old) that suggest a major documentary might cost anywhere from $250,000 to $1 million.

Herzog's Grizzly Man (2005) did about $4 million at the box office, and his Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011) about $6.4 million. Then there are ancillary sales (e.g. HBO, Netflix, and other movie services, and then VOD sales through MVPDs and Amazon and iTunes).

Considering the likely cost range and then taking into account Herzog's record, my uneducated guesstimate suggests that a profit is well within the realm of possibility.
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1/28/2016 | 7:13:34 PM
wacky, but profitable?
That is one of the most bizarrely funny stories I've ever read. The IMBd bio of Herzog is itself jaw-dropping. Maybe this campaign is a success: At least it got me over to view the NetScout "Guardians" video, to see what the genesis of the film could have been. But is the film actually profitable? That would mean revenues surpass costs. Are they there yet?
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1/28/2016 | 12:59:54 PM
Lo and Behold picked up for distribution
Magnolia Pictures has purchased the rights to distribute the film. Eventually you will get to see "Lo and Behold" on the big screen. -- Brian Santo
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1/27/2016 | 1:01:04 PM
Right? It's understandable that companies focus tightly on the nuts and bolts of their business, but I think it is extremely important to think about what the ramifications are of what it is we're all doing. It's the rare company that thinks to look up from time to time and evaluate the landscape. I've never seen a tech company do that AND take in such an incredibly expansive big picture. There might be precedents, but I can't think of any. It's a film I cannot recommend highly enough, and I cannot commend the lunatics at NetScout enough for making it.
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner,
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1/27/2016 | 12:45:09 PM
Leveling up
Something to be said for a technology company leveling up to visionary leadership status.

Google doesn't just have a search engine, it organizes the world's information. Twitter isn't just a public version of SMS, it's the free speech wing of the free speech party. Cisco doesn't just sell routers, it solves business problems. 

And if the company fails here, well, at least they  got what sounds like a great movie out of it. And profit too!

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