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2/9/2016 | 1:52:48 PM
Re: What's in a name
Reminds me a lot of the good old days, when Northern Telecom became Nortel, and then 'merged' with Bay Networks, so they had to change the name to Nortel Networks, to assuage the people at Bay.  

Perhaps it's an old wives tale, and the reason they added 'Networks' to the name was a marketing scheme, but if someone is going to spend their time worrying about what the name on the door is, then they aren't worrying about the right things.
1/27/2016 | 4:40:40 AM
Re: Impressive!
Wishing them much success--the need to ensure choice is maintained is critical.    At least some of the technologies developed will endure in the new "Nokia".

1/15/2016 | 3:14:05 PM
Re: Impressive!
So you would be using the word in the second sense presented in the dictionary.  . Are you really that optimistic about achieving a better society in the future? It's a very Victorian idea, as that generation really considered technological progress a sign of general progress. 
Steve Saunders
Steve Saunders
1/14/2016 | 2:47:28 PM
Re: Impressive!
Milenarianism. Another word you don't see enough. I'm a communications millenarianist. There, better now.
Steve Saunders
Steve Saunders
1/14/2016 | 2:44:24 PM
Re: Whither Nuage?
I did. They are. Basil is one of the top 12 execs ... Nothing for that team not to be happy about currently
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
1/14/2016 | 1:20:14 PM
Whither Nuage?
Last time I talked with Nuage about the merger, in November, they said they were looking forward to doing the same business with a bigger budget. Worth checking in with them again now to see if they're still happy. 
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
1/14/2016 | 1:19:10 PM
You hardly ever see Finn de Siecle in a headline, and it's even more rare to see it in a story that also includes a meme. So I'm impressed. 
[email protected]
1/14/2016 | 9:10:50 AM
What's in a name
There was mass disappointment when Alcatel and Lucent announced that the name of the joint venture was going to be Alcatel-Lucent.

The name was a bit long so we referred to it for much of the time as AlcaLu (much better than Lucatel)

BUt for me the best name reference came from within the company itself in the Russo years, highlighting how disgruntled some Lucent folks were at often being 'forgotten' by their peers in Paris.... Alcatel minus Lucent.

Tres drole...


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