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Steve Saunders
Steve Saunders
1/13/2016 | 9:33:21 PM
Re: Overall a positive move
i agree... but i think Overture and investors read the market correctly. 

Overture has great people, technology, and lots of (small) customers... but it wasn't going to make it versus the Ciscosson/Huawei borgs (plus JNPR, Ciena et al). 

Sign of the times, eh? 

GREAT deal for ADVA. 









1/13/2016 | 10:22:01 AM
Re: Overall a positive move
Definitely positive for ADVA - I'm sure the Overture investors aren't that thrilled at the return. It seems like quite a bargain to me. 
[email protected]
1/13/2016 | 7:45:28 AM
Overall a positive move
Yes there will be some overlap in legacy Carrier Ethernet but the key thing here is people and trust -- ADVA and Overture are both companies that, in my opinion, are trusted vendors and I'd be shocked if any existing customers didn't see this as possitive and if this didn't attract more traction from service providers and large enterprises.

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