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1/6/2016 | 6:43:29 PM
Cisco reinvents the mainframe
LOL! I sure wouldn't want to buy a totally closed system whose storage component is a total rewrite (can you say "version 0.3"?) of a shitcanned, failed acquisition.
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner
1/6/2016 | 11:55:38 AM
Re: Cool, NFV in the box....
I have to confess: I had to Google "hyper-convergence" just to find out what the heck it is. 

It sounded at first to me like just a regular old 1990s-style server: Storage, compute, and networking in one box from a single vendor. 

But it's more than that. It's about sharing all those resources in a pool across the data center. 

It's something like the "pod" vision espoused by Big Switch and others. One big rack of components that acts like a single computer. 
1/6/2016 | 10:56:12 AM
Cool, NFV in the box....
"...Cisco is getting ready to ship a hyperconverged server appliance, combining compute, storage, network and virtualization on x86 hardware..."

First we have seen aproaches like "SDN in a box" (APIC, ONE,...). Limited success because SDN and NFV are all about openess, decoupling etc. Now we are seeing those "wash me, but don't make me wet" approaches. Yeah, I want to have NFV, but please also deliver the the complete package to me. Formerly called Appliance!

I expect also limited success, but for sure it will also find its friends.
 Hey, Manager; I've found a way to leverage SDN and NFV without giving up the luxury to blame a single supplier if somethig doesn't work.

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