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12/30/2015 | 8:28:43 AM
Re: SI can play a major role
@Faisal: But didn't Telefonica knew this while selecting HPE in the first place?
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan
12/28/2015 | 1:15:04 PM
SI can play a major role
If Telefonica major concern is vendor neutrality and that is the reason it ditched HPE, then the best bet for Telefonica would be to go with an SI that can integrate vendors in much better way than a vendor alone.
12/25/2015 | 8:07:07 AM
Vendor Silos
I wouldn't presume to have any insight into Telefónica's situation and without seeing the RFP it's impossible to say who the best positioned vendors could be.  In a general sense however it seems to me that an independent systems integrator would be best suited to deliver on the value proposition of NFV.  If CSPs want to modernize to look more like their OTT competitors wouldn't they want to whitebox their hardware?  Supermicro servers would provide a lower CAPEX than HPE's but Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. go a step further with purpose built servers and the Open Compute Project (OCP).  AT&T are going this route with their CORD project.  Iit's true that the ETSI NFV vision is to build on "high volume" servers and switches, riding the economies of scale created by enterprise demands, and so HPE is an obvious hardware vendor.  But CSPs see themselves as bigger and better than enterprise and OCP solutions do resuse high volume components.  Ericsson are doing interesting things with Intel's Rack Scale Architecture and silicon photonics, Huawei have their own servers and switches, Cisco have both as well.  But does a large CSP want an NFV single vendor silo (smallish CSPs probably do)?
Steve Saunders
Steve Saunders
12/24/2015 | 5:11:11 PM
The power of two
Ray, I would be astonished if Cisco and Ericsson don't jointly bid on this. It's exactly the kind of opp that their JV should allow them to win... Top flight New IP plus top of class system integration.

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