Director38214 12/23/2015 | 6:12:38 PM
Come on Why would they do that ;)
Joe Stanganelli 12/25/2015 | 11:22:07 AM
Government made its bed... Stuff like this is exactly why companies like Apple work on rolling out end-to-end encryption that keeps even the company itself from discovering and releasing information even if it wanted to.
KBode 12/27/2015 | 12:00:19 PM
Backdoors... How many times exactly do security professionals have to remind government that backdoors are a bad idea? They wind up making EVERYBODY less secure. How many companies were at risk this last month after this backdoor was revealed (and, from what I understand, not initially properly patched by Juniper?) 
danielcawrey 12/28/2015 | 9:12:24 PM
Re: Backdoors... I agree this is making everything less secure.

People are certainly concerned about their privacy in light of this, and they well should be. There aren't many protections from backdoors right now. Someday maybe there will be, but I am not too hopeful. 
KBode 1/4/2016 | 9:24:44 AM
Re: Backdoors... And every indication is we're headed toward MORE backdoors, since both leading political candidates full support them as a "solution" to the "problem" of encryption, not realizing encryption benefits us all.
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