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baznyankee 11/30/2015 | 5:15:59 PM
Re: Here's why That breakfast sounds like the Adkins diet (with exception of the toast)-a virtual protein bomb (with fats) that might be improved with some cow brains scrambled in with the eggs. 
baznyankee 11/30/2015 | 4:01:11 PM
Re: Here's why Don't tell me they (English) sell fresh cow heads there!?


Just before latest Washington State bout with mad cow, I noticed the Tri-Cities area had all kinds of signs offering fresh cow heads.  I'm guessing these offerings are no longer to be had, but you never know about under the counter sales.  Might be hard to get cow brains, too.  
mendyk 11/30/2015 | 3:27:25 PM
Re: Here's why And let's not forget the English breakfast -- another heart attack on a plate.
Joe Stanganelli 11/30/2015 | 3:25:33 PM
Re: Here's why Well, shepherd's pie is pretty straightforward -- as are bangers and mash.  But I see your point about some of the specialty dishes.
mendyk 11/28/2015 | 9:12:40 AM
Re: Here's why "Some sort of..." is a qualifier that can be applied to British cuisine in general. Except for roast beef -- that's pretty straightforward, assuming the cow wasn't a mad one.
Joe Stanganelli 11/27/2015 | 11:31:41 PM
Re: Thanksgiving Of course, these Russia/Turkey puns have quickly become as tired as the puns on Putin's name.

As long as we can amuse ourselves, though... :)
baznyankee 11/27/2015 | 2:17:26 PM
Re: Here's why Almost fell out of my chair on reading your comment.  Then heard last night there was such a thing as "spotted dick"-some sort of custard dish served in England.

It was funnier before I learned just what it was.  My imagination was running wild.
Kruz 11/26/2015 | 11:00:56 AM
Re: Thanksgiving Obama to Putin: What will you have for thanksGiving?

Putin: Turkey!!
mendyk 11/26/2015 | 9:52:19 AM
Re: Thanksgiving Good one!
PaulERainford 11/26/2015 | 4:12:25 AM
Re: Here's why It's OK, Dennis, I've got the recipe for Spotted Dick right here. I'll forward it to your personal chef.
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