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User Rank: Light Sabre
11/25/2015 | 5:33:50 PM
Re: Operations operations operations...
It would surely seem that if typical development time has been two years and now they are expecting to "cut development times by about 50%" this should be a win win for Telefonica and it's customers. Here's watching to see how it turns out, as planned or not so.
User Rank: Lightning
11/11/2015 | 8:14:39 PM
Reshape OSS...Daunting Task...
Hmmmm...Sounds like a job for Sandvine!!!!
User Rank: Light Sabre
11/11/2015 | 3:01:04 PM
Re: Operations operations operations...
Now they just need to pair this with their outward facing innovation, to help startups and third-parties develop products and services without hassles and long lag times.
Marcos El Malo
Marcos El Malo,
User Rank: Light Beer
11/11/2015 | 12:50:34 PM
Re: Operations operations operations...
Good point and an important one in the SMB and hombre based business space. I'm very curious about the streaming capabilities to the TV. If it has the capabilities, it could be a viable competitor to the Apple TV and similar devices, enjoying the advantage of being the default device in customers' homes.
Marcos El Malo
Marcos El Malo,
User Rank: Light Beer
11/11/2015 | 12:43:40 PM
Specs and capabilities of Home Gateway Unit ?
Anyone know? I'm trying to find info, but my search results are all in Spanish (not my native language). This unit could be very very interesting as an alternative to the Apple TV and similar devices from Google, Amazon, Roku, and others. I'm very curious about the device's OS. Android? A stripped down Linux distro? I'm also curious about interoperability with mobile devices. I'll continue to research, but I'm hoping someone who already knows the answers can provide some illumination.
[email protected],
User Rank: Blogger
11/11/2015 | 8:50:33 AM
Operations operations operations...
Is the big surprise here that this hasn't been done before? 

This looks like it is going to be a trend, driven by the need to reduce costs but also, in terms of service developments, just to stay in business. For example, Vodafone's current efforts to develop a VPN platform that can be used in all markets instead of having lots of separate ones: Cloud capabilities obviously driving that sort of R&D.


DT, Vodafone to Launch SDN-Based VPNs


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