LuisBlanco 10/27/2015 | 3:30:20 PM
G.Fast over Coax for MDUS, Cheaper? Better? Thanks Daniel for your comment. I completely agreed. I do not think FTTH from Telcos is the competitor to DOCSIS 3.1 or Gigabit access. They are going to deploy G.Fast first, specially for browfield and MDUs. FTTH for browfield MDUS is too expensive for Telcos just the same as for MSOs.

G.fast gives you around 1 Gbps within 50-100 meters from DPU (GPON ONT) to GPON CPE at the customer premessis. They called it FTTdp. Fiber to the distribution point. 

Some clarifications on G.fast:

1) It does not have to be backwards compatible to xVDSL. Telcos do not want that they want a totally new technocloyg G.fast (even XG.fast tested with BT last week % Gbps).

2) G.fast speeds are symetrical, but, to my knowldedge DCOSIS 3.1 is not. Thats a major advantage if everyone is uploading youtube and using p2p video to see sports, etc. 1 Gbps upstream may not be needed now, but surely the perception (and marketing from Telecos) is that their upstream speeds (G.Fast) are way better than DOCSIS 3.1.

3) Timelines, G.Fast standards (final approval 2013) and deployments are 2 years ahead of DOCSIS 3.1. Deployments (and all the expected marketing around the bidirectional Gibabit access network) start next year. Chipset available, Trials have been going for a while.

4) It is GPON (for Telcos, for MSOs can be 10GE) to the basemen of the MDU. Where is the DPU/ Similar to the distributed R-CMTS/C-DOSIS idea, but no Docsis in the other side, in this case is G.Fast a total new technology even for telcos. Doing Fibert to MDU using digital fiber (no analog to FN) has the advantage of being well position for the future, could be a long future, do FTTH.

5) G.fast basically uses OFDM over 100 MHz channels. The next step is 200 MHz by bonding 2 channels of 100 MHz. 

By doing G.Fast over Coax, instead of twisted pair, there is less near/far noise. So even Telecos are considering used the Coax access (which is owned by the MDU owner, not the MSOs). We all know that COAX is better than Twister pair.

I think some MSOs should be a comprehensive anaylysis for browfield MDUS on the cost of doing G.Fast over Coax, instead of DOCSIS 3.1 from FN. We are assuming in both cases that there is fiber to the MDU (analog or Digital), so that cost is the same. Of course for MSOS additional cost has to be added to learn a new technology and back office integration. For telcos it is a new technology (nothing to do with xVDL). Maybe the IT integration is easier for telcos (same as they have now, just a new technology) than for MSOs to replace DOCSIS provisioning. All those factors need to be taking into consideration (not just the cost of the equipment,etc). On the other hand, for DOCSIS 3.1 the cost of upgrading the HFC to support DOCSIS 3.1 (specially for the company that have 750/850 MHz plans), could be significant too. So another factor to take into consideration.

The good news, if it works for Telcos (the G.fast over Coax), nothing stops the MSOs to do the same.

My two cents of this..
danielcawrey 10/26/2015 | 8:42:42 PM
New Options Gigabit is going to become immensely important in the future, and cable companies know it. 

Think about all the streaming that's going on now. Customer expect to be able to get media from multiple on-demand sources. Things like gaming and virtual reality are also going to cause pretty serious demand as well. Cable companies need to stay on top of this reality.