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10/26/2015 | 1:24:46 PM
Re: This will be good news for Verizon customers.
@Dan Did Verizon issue a statement about the letters from NY state? As Bloomberg reports, 

In letters dated Oct. 23, Schneiderman's new senior enforcement counsel, Tim Wu, told the providers that he is "specifically concerned about the disruptions to the consumer experience caused by interconnection disputes," which can occur when one company's service must pass through another company's wires and other infrastructure.

There is a "possibility that interconnection arrangements may in some instances render irrelevant any benefit" of paying for a "premium" option such as Verizon's FiOS, Time Warner Cable's "Extreme" and "Ultimate" offerings and Cablevision's "Optimum Online Ultra" choices, said Wu, whose appointment was announced last month.
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10/21/2015 | 1:01:44 PM
Re: This will be good news for Verizon customers.
Yeah, there's a big fight on with operators, the FCC etc. about LTE-U and 5GHz WiFi co-existing.


See: http://www.lightreading.com/mobile/small-cells/wireless-companies-unite-to-ward-off-lte-u-regulation/d/d-id/718420
User Rank: Light Beer
10/21/2015 | 9:24:08 AM
Re: This will be good news for Verizon customers.
After reading an artictle at Consumerist, it sounds like LTE-U also has it's drawbacks that could affect consumers. Sounded good at first...hopefully they will work it all out.

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10/20/2015 | 5:51:53 PM
This will be good news for Verizon customers.
By transferring calls from Verizon's macrocell network (a network that the company manages) to new networks which verizon customers manage and are billed separately for, Verizon may very wel be able to offer reasonably priced unimited service. 

Verizon should have asked its customers to pitch in, and build a network for them years ago..!

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