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10/21/2015 | 10:02:12 AM
It's TWDM-PON, and I confirmed that they're using only one wavelength today. No word on an upgrade plan yet, but in theory they could overlay additional wavelengths in the future.

steve q
steve q
10/18/2015 | 8:48:16 PM
The only issue is with local city and electric power company moving into what could have been Verizon answer is gone to everyone else that is pushing for it. Fios data was the answer and comcast know that and stay away form verizon but know they are pushing more broadband speed to those customer that have no chance to get fios.
10/16/2015 | 1:53:48 PM
It's wonderful bragging rights, but people can't even saturate a gigabit line, much less a ten gigabit one. Still, nice to see an ISP try to exceed customer expectations for once, instead of doing the bare minimum required.

I imagine Comcast regrets the fact its lawsuits and state laws weren't enough to put this opeation out of business all the same.
10/16/2015 | 10:28:02 AM
"NG-PON" is a smorgasbord of specifications and supporting technologies.  Some of it isn't baked yet in the standards (not that vendors have ever patiently waited for the ink to dry). Some of the supporting technologies are presently too expensive to make sense in a mass-market setting.

So: what is Chattanooga actually deploying? 10G/2.5G (aka X-GPON1), co-existing with GPON? Pre-standard 10G/10G? One wavelength pair of TWDM PON, with an upgrade plan? Full-blown pre-standard TWDM PON? Pre-standard dynamic wavelength assignment?

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